Smarter Balanced Testing Practice

sb practiceThere’s a way you can take a full practice test before the real version comes to our school next month. I just tried it and it’s awesome because it literally mimics everything you will have to do, from start to finish. I think you will be a bit surprised at the level of difficulty of this test. I highly recommend each of you, 8th graders and 11th graders, take advantage of this while you are off this week. I’ll try to schedule some time when we are back in class, but can’t guarantee it.

Remember 11th graders, this can really boost your grade!

When you get there just keep clicking as a “guest”. Once you get the this screen you should choose the ELA practice test and/or the ELA performance task:

sb practice

Amazon’s 100 Books Young Adult Books

read_beside_me_foreverNot sure what to read next? Check out this list. There are some great picks there. Something for everyone!

English Tutoring

What is this?

After school tutoring is provided in room 503 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-5:00PM. Ms. Lahaise is the “tutor” and it’s provided as a free service from our Title 1 money.

What will I be doing if I come?

About 50% of the time will be allotted for me to help you with any work that you have in English or History. The other 50% of the time we will be working on improving your reading and writing skills.

Who should come?

Everyone who needs help, or wants to increase their skills. This is open to all high school students at SOCES.

How do I sign up?

You don’t need to sign up. Just show up. The more consistent you are with coming, the better your results will be!

What should I do if I have any questions?

E-mail me, or just stop by.

My Animal Bias

Okay, so I’m a bit biased when it comes to student blog posts about animals (or anything about animals…sorry seniors at breakfast), but Mako’s most recent post is one you shouldn’t miss. Besides being well-written, it’s an important topic that we don’t take enough time to consider.

Since I’m putting it out there I’ll take the opportunity to also highlight an organization Mrs. Wasserman is involved with, and I donate to, The Forgotten Dog. Wouldn’t it be amazing to end all animal suffering in our lifetime? I can dream!

Digital Citizenship

This is a great infographic! Check it out and learn from it!

Knowthenet presents Manners Matter

Knowthenet presents Manners Matter the online Netiquette Do’s and Don’ts infographic.

Google Tips

Here’s a great article from Google with 55 awesome tips for students. Check it out, you might learn some cool tricks.

SSR Book Stuff

read_beside_me_foreverDo to the overwhelming number of students in each class, I am altering the SSR assignment slightly.

As always, you must read two outside reading books per semester. What’s changed is what you do at the culmination of reading each book. Now, each semester, you are responsible for one “book talk” and one “SSR fat paragraph”. Make sure you schedule you book talk via my appointment system. Your fat paragraph is due to, and your blog (per. 6 doesn’t have blogs, so you’ll only turn it in to THE ORDER IN WHICH YOU DO YOUR BOOK TALK OR FAT PARAGRAPH IS UP TO YOU (and probably dependent on when you can get a book talk appointment). If you want to do your fat paragraph before the first deadline (check your calendar), and your book talk between the first deadline and the second one, that’s your choice.

Please note that ALLLLLLLL book talk appointments have been deleted. If you had an appointment, it no longer exists. The slate is clean and everyone has the same advantage. If you have already completed your book talk, awesome, all that’s left for you is the fat paragraph.


What Kind of Learner Are You?

learningstyles001hWe all have different ways we learn best. For example, I am not an auditory learner. If you give me directions, without writing them down, I am completely lost. Why does this matter? It can help you immensely if you identify what kind of learner you are, so then you can study effectively, rather than haphazardly. This site has some good insights and tips. Check it out and see if some of them are useful. (Disclaimer: it has a tremendous amount of ads associated with it. Sorry!)