Daily Scribe Post Thoughts

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Justin (per. 2) did a fantastic job on his first scribe post. You all really want to see what this scribe posts look like!

The other classes (except per. 1) are looking a bit weak when it comes to scribing. Don’t just list we talked about, and did in the class. Give details. You are the eyes and ears for an absent student. Look at your scribe and think “would I know what I missed after reading this”. If the answer is no, then you haven’t done a complete job.

Remember, this is a graded assignment. If you don’t understand what that means then you haven’t read the syllabus.

Come on guys, kick it up a notch!

Adding Photos To Your Blog Posts

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Over the last several days I’ve been going over your blog assignment and what I expect from you. As we’ve discussed one thing that makes a post better is to include a picture. Especially if you are writing your post about a picture. However, just like text can be copyright protected, so can images.

When you include an image there are a couple of things to consider and include. First you must determine if the image you want to use has a copyright protection. Then, if it does not, you can include the image in your post but you must cite it correctly.

Please read this article The Honor Code of a Noble Blogger: How to cite pictures. Follow the steps she’s laid out and pay particular attention to how she cites the images (look at what she did under each of the images and follow that format). That is exactly what I will be looking for when you include an image in your blog. She provides several examples but they are all essentially the same format.

Please take head and make sure you cite your images correctly. If you do not it is the same as stealing and plagiarizing and will earn that blog post a zero.


This is a post with an example of what not to do.

This is a post with an example of what you SHOULD do.


Scribe Examples

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Because many of you don’t know what a good scribe post looks like I am setting up a blog with scribe examples. Please note that you want to do more than a simple outline of what happened in class. Think “if I were absent today what would I need/want to know”. This thought should be your guide when it comes your turn to be the daily scribe.


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Today I told a few classes to e-mail me so that I could have your e-mail address, but I forgot that I will have your e-mail when you fill out the student survey. So please do not e-mail me with your e-mail address. Sorry for any confusion.

Beginning of School Check List

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This post applies to ALL PER 1-5 students. Here’s a check list of things that you need to do over the next few days:

1. Read, print, sign and return the Internet Safety Agreement. Please have this done by 8/19/13.

2. Read, print and sign the Academic (dis)Honesty Agreement. Please return ONLY the bottom portion by 8/19/13.

3. Read the syllabus for your class (see tabs above). Digitally sign, certifying that you have read and understand the syllabus. Please have this done by 8/19/12.

4. Fill out the Student Survey. Please have this done by 8/15/13.

5. Sign-up for a Gmail account (if you don’t already have one). Please ONLY use a Gmail e-mail address when you sign up for your blog.

6. Set-up your blog (the window to set-up your blog will be open from 8/16-8/20/13). Make sure you follow the instructions I give in class, otherwise it will be immediately deleted. Please have this done by 8/20/13. DO NOT WRITE ON YOUR BLOG UNTIL YOUR INTERNET SAFETY AGREEMENT HAS BEEN SIGNED AND RETURNED!

7. Read the Bi-Weekly Blog Instructions.

8. Begin looking for blogs to follow and looking through the sites I’ve bookmarked to help you with your bi-weekly blog.

Final Blog Post

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Final Blog Post

For your final blog post (and “final exam”) I would like you to write a reflection. This is due no later than 11:59pm, May 19, 2014.

Reflect upon your year (or two) in room 503. Some things to include:

What kind of reader were you when you entered this class? What kind of reader are you now? Have you changed? How have you changed? What conditions are responsible for the changes in your reading?

What kind of writer were you when you entered this class? What kind of writer are you now? Have you changed? How have you changed? What conditions are responsible for the changes in your writing?

What have been some of your favorite (or least favorite) learning units this year (or two)? Describe your favorite assignments/books/etc. What did you like, and why? (Remember claim-the what- & proof-the why!!)

As you prepare to leave (or continue on with me), what kind of student do you perceive yourself to be? What kind of person do you perceive yourself to be? How have you grown and what have you learned about yourself as a result of taking being in this class?

I would also appreciate your including your experience with the blogs and the online community.

What advice would you give next year’s students who will be taking an English class in room 503?

Remember, critiquing is okay, but make sure it is constructive and not destructive.

This is a writing assignment, not a Q & A assignment. If you don’t understand the difference ask me.

New SAT Changes

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As I’m sure you are all aware, The College Board is making changes to the SAT beginning 2016. One of the fundamental changes will be in the vocabulary section, focusing more on “conversational” vocabulary, rather than “SAT” vocabulary.

I am always saddened by the “dumbing” down of curriculum, expectations and society in general.

I also find it rather ironic that the NY Times article that explains all the changes is riddled with “SAT” words. Take a look and see how many you can find that we’ve gone over in class.