Bully free

Have you ever been bullied or have anyone that you know been bullied? Well hopefully not because we all should be treated the same because we are all humans and so that’s why we should all be treated the same no matter what. Many kids get bullied and they have no reason why because others just make up some rumors and they start to tell everyone rumors. The kids that get bullied they don’t know what to do about it and there is variety things you could do about it one reason is tell an adult which is your parents, your teachers, or your friends they could probably do something about and fix your problem. Bullying may lead to self harm, depression, and even sometimes to death. Some kids believe that self harm is the key to solve all their problems but that is not the answer to bullying. About 4% of adults suicide their self everyday and each day it increases and this is all because of depression. People shouldn’t be treated this way we are all humans and at the end of the day you will realize that we are all the same no matter what. Put yourself in someone’s shoes and they are being bullied what would you do? You would probably think of self harm but again that is not the answer to depression. You should always listen to your heart, your heart will lead you on to a good path. If you see anybody getting bullied even if you have no idea who they are just try your best to help them out because if you help someone else then next time you will see them in your life again and they are going to be helping you hopefully with not the same situation but they are still going to help you out with something.

There is not just one type of bullying their is also cyberbullying and ninety percent of teens who have seen social media bullying say they have ignored it and if you are the one getting cyber bullied and don’t want to deal with it just ignore it because many people just do that because they can’t tell you face to face and they are behind a screen texting you. Not all disagreements and fights are bullying, some disagreements come from conflict. Some people that are bullies are probably like that because of how they get treated at home and this is the way to fight back, by bullying others and accusing others for something that they have no idea what they did and this is also a way of releasing their feelings. There is 4 types of bullying, Physical bullying ~ this involves harming another person’s body or property, for example, threatening or other harmful decisions, Emotional bullying~ this is causing harm to someone’s self- worth, for example, calling other names, Social bullying~ this is causing harm to someone’s group acceptance, for example, spreading rumors, Cyberbullying~this is caused by advances in modern communication technology, for example, hurtful messages on social media. You need to show the bully that you are the mature and bigger person and just ignore them and some may think that you were scared to defend yourself but at the end of the day you are the bigger and mature person and they are the childish and immature person, remember don’t listen to what others say listen to your heart and always your heart. Don’t be scared to tell a trusted adult about bullying, you may think that snitching on someone may get into some trouble with someone else but that is why you have to tell an adult that you trust, for example you may tell your teacher and he or she may understand you and they may have to report it but they won’t mention your name because they want you to always trust them and other teachers, you may tell them about your problem and they may report it and mention your name because all teachers are all different and students find out that you were the one of told on them they you may get into trouble and that’s the last option that anyone ever wants. We are all here for a purpose and we deserve to be here in this life and there’s some people that wish they could be here in life but they can’t for reasons for example they may have a disease and doctors couldn’t do anything about it and they had to leave this life and there’s others who know what they are doing wrong to their self but they still decide to self harm them self. Nearly 43% of students have been bullied online. Girls are twice most likely to be the victims to cyberbullying.


In conclusion, everybody should be treated all the same we are all humans and we should all respect one another. We all deserve the best and we all should be here for eachother no matter what. You may not get along with someone but that doesn’t give you a reason to self esteem them, especially when you bully someone at a young age they may or may not remember but if they do remember when they grow older you may be the reason why they may do self harming to their self. No matter what kind of bully others get whether it’s cyberbullying, social bullying, physical bullying, or emotional bully but no matter what you are going to bring their self esteem down and you are going to slowly begin to lose friends. There is many things that people could self harm their self with, one way or another. Put yourself in a person shoes that is getting bullied, how would you react you wouldn’t appreciate someone that would do that same thing to you. Continue reading “Bully free”