Elon Musk and how we’ll reach mars by 2024

Elon Musk and how we’ll reach Mars by 2024

I want to start this by first saying Elon Musk is a very respected and hardworking guy, he pursues many goals that many people called crazy and absurd to reach in our lifetimes. For example his reusable rockets, and launching a rocket then landing that same rocket and matter of minutes..this was a huge obstacle failing over a few times many people in the beginning had no hope for this guy and his dreams. But he still proceeded and accomplished so much more than NASA really has in the past few years, maybe even decades. Musk’s mindset really is a very original one, which goes by somewhat like this, “ We want to advance our technology drastically like we in see Sci-fi movies do, but by doing nothing that will not be accomplished. Someone has to come out and make a change and make the effort to actually make this happen.” Which is the something/someone to make this actually happen. Now going to Mars is a big leap in our time line and it will be a great accomplishment if everything goes well and is successful. The process of this is quite simple. First Elon wants to send to Cargo ships in 2022 by his private space program, Space X. If that proves to be successful, two years later in 2024 he will send 2 more cargo ships and two more ships with crew in them. This is because every roughly two years there is a “Earth-Mars synchronization” Which will be the time window to be able to successfully travel to Mars. This is the part where Elon sends two more cargo ships and two more crew ships which will be a total of four ships traveling to Mars in 2024. The initial goal when they land in Mars is to find the best source of water in the planet. The second I italics plan is to build a propellant plant. So in total with the six ships in Mars total they crew should have plenty of landed mass to construct the propellant depot, which would consist of a large array of solar panels, a very large one, and then everything that is there to mine and refine water. Then they will draw out the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) out of the atmosphere, and then create and store deep cryptic [genic] CH4 and O2. Then they will start to build up the base off of one ship, then multiple ships, and then eventually start building the city. Then making the city bigger, and even bigger eventually overtime. Space X will use the BFRocket to launch the humans from Earth to Mars. Which the rocket will be ready for testing soon. The Mars transportation architecture will be when a rocket is sent to Mars, but first will be sent into earth’s orbit where the rocket will be re-tanked or refilled until it has full tanks. Then the rocket travels to Mars, and proceeds to land on Mars. In Mars you will need local propellant production. But Mars has a CO2 atmosphere and plenty of water ice, that will give you both, CO2 and H20. So therefore you can make CH4 and O2 using the Sabatier process. Which this will be the process for humanity to colonize on Mars and be able to see it in our lifetime. Musk also describes why he wants to gun for Mars. Which mostly is to to become a multi-planet species. Which he likes to add that it’ll beat the idea of only being a single-player species. This will be amongst one of the greatest achievements in mankind by Musk actually making a difference in this world, two worlds in the future. Musk also added he wants to use the same rocket, BFR rocket, to make travel in the world much easier and to making traveling anywhere in the world in under one hour as very affordable for the same price of a commercial airline ticket. Musk also added that by the 2060’s there can be more than 1 million people living in the red planet. He also did that we should’ve had a lunar base by now and he will make it happen using the BFR rockets and following the same process used in mars to make the base. Musk also wants to have many BFR rockets such as a 1000 in earth’s orbit so that every 26 months or so when the Earth and Mrs are lined for travel the rockets will unravel their solar panels and travel to mars to resupply and transport people to Mars. Making us have a sophisticated plan to travel to Mars, colonize it and become a multi-planetary species in the very near future.

Source: https://youtu.be/XcVpMJp9Th4