Another Health One, Why Not

I’m doing another health related topic today, because I could not think of any other topic so I’m doing health again,  it’s easy to talk about. Well this time I’m gonna talk about what schools are doing about health early on, to teach kids about healthy choices and the risks of not eating healthy. The CDC stated that heart disease was the leading cause of death for both men and women and in 2015, 630,000 people died to heart disease that’s is about 1 in every 4 deaths. I also later watched a TED talk on what’s going on with health, and how schools are dealing with health.

My thoughts on this are that schools aren’t really helping with keeping kids “healthy” although they say they are. Now a days at most schools it all frozen food. All most none of the food we are given is not frozen it’s all wrapped up, and all the school does is heat it up. And because it’s frozen, it’s gonna be unhealthy and this is because they can buy anything that frozen. I’ve been given as a student, pancakes, waffles, potato wedges, hamburgers, pizzas, teriyaki, and hot dogs, what’s healthy about that. The healthiest thing I’ve been given besides fruits and vegetables, is a salad and it tasted nasty, it was only good because it’s dressing, but by then it’s not healthy anymore.

And  continue on what school is feeding kids, and what they are being taught. From what I remember from elementary to middle school is that I was never taught what exactly what it meant to be healthy  we just knew I guess. Until 7th grade and even then it was brief period of time. I remember in elementary school, that the most I was taught was what was a fruit and vegetable, and what was junk food and that was really it and that was around 1st grade. We weren’t ever informed on what were the benefits, and long term effects. For the most part, health wasn’t a big part of school, it wasn’t’ a topic that was planned for. I’m not gonna say that we never talked about it until 7th grade, but it was never a lesson we talked about full on or we had a whole chapter on it. I really don’t know what schools and people are gonna do to make schools healthier, kids healthier, and teach them more on health early on, because that is when it matters. The one of the ways I think for health to change in my opinion would be that either people get a reality check and see the dangerous and risk. Or that our new president does something on it, and actually gets some major changes. Lastly unlike other diseases, like cancer, aids, or other life threatening diseases this is preventable and even stoppable. We can stop kids from being over weight and lower obesity in the US, and heart disease deaths. And also teach parents how to take care of their kids, because they are a big part of their lives and kids do learn from their parents.

Health, Why not?

If you’re like everyone else then you usually deal with stress whether it’s a little or a lot, unless you don’t then lucky you, but when you do have stress is it really all that bad. To start of stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse(preventing success) or very demanding circumstances”. Well according to Stress Management Society (, they claim that stress is not a bad thing, that without it mankind would not have survived for so long. They gave an example saying that cavemen used stress to alert them of potential harm, like wild life, like a saber-tooth tigers. The APA ( in an article, stated that it can affect our musculoskeletal, respiratory systems, cardiovascular, and other parts of our bodies. What I think is about stress is that it can be dangerous, but at other times it can be helpful.

Stress is better known for its negative effects, causing us at times to ignore the positive effects it has on us. In the article “The Positive Effects of Stress” by Susan Knowlton (  says that stress has lots of positive effects, and that at times, just focusing on the positive effects of stress can be enough. One thing that stress can be is a Cognitive (a mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning) Enhancer. She stated that people who felt eustress (helpful stress) experienced more success, because the stress might have actually improved aspects of their intelligence. The reason this happens is because stress helps our brain focus. And focus on the task at hand, not what you’re doing later. This can also help with an increase in memory and recall. Stress can not only improve brain function, but also our physical performance and endurance. This is possible because stress causes the body/brain to release adrenaline, which speeds up our heart rate and our metabolism which results in an increase in reactions and reflexes. This can also act as a painkiller, giving you better endurance and can be helpful in a physical confrontation or sporting event and it can fight off tiredness and fatigue. But to much of this could quickly turn harmful, at a short period of time can be helpful but over a long period of time it can be too great and damage our immune system and cause heart problems.

While the positive effects are great, the negative effects can be catastrophic. In the short article, “How It Affects Us” ( says that it can change a person’s emotions, physical , behavior, and cognitively. Some effects can be depression,anxiety, self doubt, memory problems, chest pain, intake of alcohol or caffeine to relax and many many more effects. While these causes many be bad, it can lead to death, either with depression leading to suicide or alcohol leading to drugs and a drug overdose. The American Psychological Association or APA states that it can affect our body much worse, one example being the musculoskeletal system( In this section it states that stress causes muscles to tense up all at once, and when this happens for long periods of times it can trigger other reactions of the body. Some examples are headaches and migraine headache are associated with chronic muscle tension, and affects the shoulders, neck, and head. And certain events can set off a chronic painful state, which can worsen recovery.

In the end my thoughts are that stress is dangerous, but helpful when you can control it and it’s not too much to handle. By the way their was way more stuff in detail, I just didn’t have enough time it talked about how it affected things I didn’t know it could, well you can look those up on your own they were on . Now I hope this was informative and gave you new information. The More You Know