Why Does Music Have A lot of Meaning To Us?

Have this ever popped out in your mind wondering what’s the true meaning of music? I never really thought about it until now. I have an idea about it. What do you guys think?

In my opinion the true meaning of music is to relate to it. What I mean about relating with music is the true meaning because what the singer could be going through others out there could be going through the same situation. Another reason I feel music could relate  to us is the true meaning because there’s some people out there that can’t express their feeling to others or let it out what’s going on with them but hearing what the singer is going through the person would not feel alone. The person could let out what they are feeling when the hear what the singer is going though they would let it by them self. I could relate to myself to this reason because I am a type of person that doesn’t like expressing their feelings I rather keep it to myself or the inside of me but when I hear the music that relates to my situation I would just let it out. I don’t know if you would express your feelings like me the way I express myself is to cry out my eyes out until I feel better, I would show angry, or jam out to my music to have positive feelings.  How about you guys? Do you handle your situation to music like me?

Another perspective of mine about the true meaning of music is that music speaks to you. One reason I feel music speaks to you is the true meaning because there could be a part of the song or lyric and it could teach someone a lesson. From my perspective what I mean that someone could learn a lesson from music if it speaks to them because someone could be thinking of doing something bad or going to the wrong direction which means making the wrong choice could help them out of it. My reason could relate to the society because there is people out there that music could help them think before doing those actions. Another way that I feel that music speaks to you is the true meaning when someone that just went through a breakup or just got there hurt broken could help them move on from the person that did that to them. I relate to this reason to myself because just recently I went through a heart brake and it affected me on how I felt. I started to hear Fake Love by Drake, Love by Kendrick Lamar, Goodbye by Russ, and I heard so many Spanish music for example like Prince Royce, it spoke to me that person is not worth for being sad for, what the person said to me was all fake, and it helped me move on. What kind of music speaks to you? Does an of you guys have the same opinion like me?

Other people’s points of view about the true meaning of music is, “The way this works is that moderate noise levels increase processing difficultly which promotes abstract processing, leading to higher creativity. In other words, when we struggle (just enough) to process things as we normally would, we resort to more creative approaches.” fastcompany.com   I agree with what this person’s opinion because I could relate with it. I could relate with it because while writing this blog I’m hearing music it is helping me being a creative writer.  What another person’s theory about the true meaning of music, “I started reflecting on what music means to me and it’s role it plays in my life. “Music to me is a source of stress relief. It helps me calm down or just to relax, on a bad day. But on a good day, music just helps me get through the day.” “Music is freedom. It’s everything. Music connects the world.” “Music is a friend.” http://www.clocksandcloudsmusic.com/general/what-does-music-mean-to-you I conquer with all these people’s opinions because it is relatable to society and to myself. These reasons could be relatable with society and myself because has those ups, downs, and mood swings.

From other people’s and my theories what do you think is the true meaning of music. Always remember that the true meaning of music could be about relating with it, lessons are learned, or could even help you for creativity. Anyone could relate with any of thses reasons because we don’t know what you and the singer could be going through. What are thoughts now about music?

Thoughts About D’angelo Russell Getting Traded!

Good afternoon everyone! I can’t believe this is officially my first blog I can’t  wait to write! Something that everyone needs to know about me is that I love basketball and my favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers. For my first blog I want to know what are your thoughts about D’angelo Russell getting traded to the Brooklyn Nets? First of all when I heard the news I got so devastated, upset, and angry that some tears came out. My thoughts to this whole situation is that is that it was both a good and bad decision. One reason that I think that it was a good decision that D’angelo Russell gets traded because he is going to get a new experience with a new coach, teammates, and staff. What I mean that D’angelo Russell will get a new experience because all coaches trains and works differently with all their players, learn different plays, and moves, and D’angelo will learn from others. In addition, I think it was a good decision trading D’angelo Russell because he is young he’s 21 years old he has a long way to go for playing basketball. To me he’s young he has so many years to improve and get better with other teams.  I thought it was also a bad decision because D’angelo to me was a good fit with the lakers. To me D’angelo Russell was a good fit to the Lakers because he got used to and learn how to play with his teammates for two seasons. Another reason I thought it was a bad decision trading D’angelo Russell because the way he played I looked forward seeing him play as point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers for more seasons but I feel at one point they will regret trading him cause he’s going to be a lot more improved. Those are my thoughts about my inspiration D’angelo Russell getting traded.

What people thought about D’angelo Russell getting traded to the Brooklyn Nets were different than mine. There was all these feelings disappointed, heartbroken, upset, devastated, angry, mad, happy, and joy. “Magic Johnsons thoughts about trading D’angelo Russell was that D’angelo would not become a superstar in Los Angeles.”(Site Resource: https://nesn.com) “Another thought  that Magic Johnson had was that  D’angelo is good but they needed a leader.”(Site Resource: www.espn.com)  “What Luke Walton thought about trading D’angelo Russell is that he is a talented player and he would have a brighter future with Brooklyn.”(Site Resource: www.lakernation.com) “D’angelo Russell’s fans had different opinions like one of them thought that trading him was good because lakers are getting someone better for the position center.”(Site Resource: Instagram @houseoflakers)These are some people’s thoughts about trading D’angelo Russell.