How a color peanuts character was created

I have just read an article about a true story not just any story, but a powerful story. At least for me. I wouldn’t think there was such a story to what I thought it wasn’t a problem to create. That is creating the first color peanuts character in Charlie Brown in the year 1968 read this article from history/#Wam149UoKmqN
the article called “How a schoolteacher helped create the first black Peanuts character” article by Christine Erickson.

Before reading this article I wouldn’t think there would be problem behind the color peanuts character, but after reading this article behind how the first colored peanuts character was created is really truly amazing. It is amazing how someone thought of the idea and kept fighting to achieve what she wanted the most. The article starts about how this school teacher Harriet Glickman had an amazing idea after the assassination of Martin Luther King 1968. The comic strips “Peanuts” was very popular at the time and Harriet had the amazing idea to send a letter to the writer of the comics. Harriet idea was to help influence American attitude on race. So she then made a letter to the writer of the comics Charles Schulz. I think it is very cool that a person would think of this idea and take the time to write a letter about explaining it. The letter below is the letter that was received to Charles from teacher Harriet Glickman.

There was problems for Schulz he was afraid that his comic would get criticized. And people would get upset if he put a color peanuts character in the comics. They wrote letters back to each other. The letters above are only two of many letters they wrote to each other. And at the end Schulz was convinced and did the first comic with a color peanuts character named Franklin. There was positive feedback from people who read the comic when it came out. And that is very wonderful Franklin was not only in the comic but was going to be part of the comics and was shown in many of them Franklin was then featured in a clip Charlie Brown where Franklin appeared in his first animated film “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” episode in 1973. Franklin is not the only color character because a few years later a new color character was presented in the comic.

This is just amazing. The fact that Harriet Glickman a teacher gave them this great idea. Harriet was serious about it and wrote back letters. When Harriet was written back from Schulz that it wasn’t gonna be pleasant for other people. Harriet got evidence and others people’s opinion about the idea. Harriet don’t give up on the idea she kept trying no matter what. She wanted to stand up for something. And that’s awesome how she didn’t give up for her idea. I would’ve never thought a teacher would have this great idea. It is great that Harriet had this great idea that would help. Schulz thought he would get criticism, but he knew no matter what he would get it. He thought about it and how it would affect others. It was a great idea Harriet had after the death of Martin Luther King jr. there was so much problems. Still in the article it said not to put the color peanut character with the other peanut characters. That just sounds unfair that even a character was supposed to be shown separated from them not in the same school. That is wrong, but what can i say it was 1968. It is very different now and people wouldn’t even think about not putting a color character in a show or comic. That is the reason i wouldn’t think there would be a problem. It is very good that i knew about this and the story behind the first color peanut character.



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