Don’t Care

This article is called “10 Things to Stop Caring About Today”.  It was written by a man named Marc Chernoff. He states things that people shouldn’t care for a verity of different things. The three that really stand out to me. It goes in order from least to most important in my opinion. First is “Stop Caring about everyone’s opinion of you”. The second one “Stop caring about looking a certain way” finally the most important is “Stop caring about what everyone else wants for you.” This article is about you shouldn’t do what you think that you’re not good about being yourself when you should in fact embrace it and only should just be or you will become something you’re not.

For what this article says and the ideas that Marc Chernoff says that you shouldn’t care for I agree with Marc since I have done what his man has said when I got to middle school. My reasoning is that of experience is that when I was younger I was very self consuis around others and would try to look a certain way and only want to be able to fit in. this only made my life school even harder and would get bulled because of this. After that I decided to forget what others think of me and just be me. It turned out it was such a great change to myself since people that used to bully me stopped and try to befriend me and I really had nothing to make me scared about what others think of how I look or say when now their opinions don’t matter and I’m more straight forward with others. It’s because I stopped caring about what others thought of me I was getting better mentally and slowly able to get out of that depression even if it was slow.

For other people, I think this will help to those people since the world is focused on social media that the people try so hard to impress others that they will do what the people want that they won’t be themselves. This can also affect anyone with giving the thought that they must dress a certain way. With of all these factors that people do from what people think of them and a type of way people should dress is that there almost a walking doll being changed the way they are for those who have control on that person to everything they say and do which will lose who they are when they gain thee people they wanted to be with those she wanted to be with but, only to realize it wasn’t worth it but, still does it because there the only friends they have left.

In conclusion, people that care to much care to much about these things people will cause that person to either become a doll and try to become something there not just to be around others when in reality they shouldn’t care for these little things and only care about being themselves or they will never be someone they want to be  only half of the Peron three will be since they wish to care about everything when it’s never going to are a friends when you will gain people when you should just be yourself.

How Loneliness Effects you Everwhere

Hello to those who look at this blog my name is Alonzo Ruiz an I will talk about this site that was made on the website Live Science. this article was made the man named John Cacioppo who is a physiologist in the university of Chicago.  he explains that those people that are isolated is biologically link to ill health.  Also, the article goes more further about how that those who were sociable then became isolated that says “have worse health and die sooner than those that interact with others” it goes more about john and another person named Steve Cole a say that the people that are lonely have immune system activation ad the people that are like this are less defenses down with others that even evolve gaining high blood pressure, quality of sleep, physically, mentally.  So, john explanation for his article that those who are isolated are having a much harder with their body and they would be much better is they were to be a social person.


My reflection upon what John Cacioppo is that I would have to disagree with him on he says that loneliness affects the you every single part of our body. First thing is about people that are isolated “have worse health” when that wouldn’t be the case since I seen that people that are isolated myself as well is that we have better health. Also, it says that be that experience loneliness have a worse immune system when I seen as well that they have better immune system and have a lower chance upon getting sick.  Another thing thing that john is false is about that those who are isolated have their defenses are down around others but, those who are indeed isolated are more aware around others since do to they feel insecure are very self-aware being cautious around others so it would cause the mind to go in a form of panic that causes to be much a defensive around others that are near us. In Conclusion, the article would be false for my opinion a people are isolated or have loneliness is that they aren’t having mental illness or have a weaker body, immune system, or anything body. This is article wishes to talk about that people are wishing to be by themselves are not ill or weak their normal has any other person.