Island of the Blue Dolphins

This book was made by Scott O Diel One of the the reasons why I specifically choose this book is because I read it in my class back in 5th grade and it is called the island of the blue dolphins. When I first saw this book I thought to myself it must be so boring to have to read such as big book. This book was one of the most interesting and mysterious books I’ve read what really surprised me was that each time that I would be read to it left me with so many questions. In this book it briefly explain about a girl named Karana and her brother Ramo and other sister named Ulape. The aleuts come to the island and they fish like devilfish for any types of animals that they could have found. At the beginning of the book Karana’s brother sees the aluets coming on their way to fish. From what I remember if the aluets would find them they would sacrifice them. I also remember that Karanas story is actually real life. At the beginning of the book Karana finds a wolf that was forgotten by the aluets and then she calls him Rontu. She found this dog because she was injured in her leg and then she was surrounded by the wolves and sees one that is bigger and that is the leader of the wolf pack he had a thick hairy coat and then she crawled to a cave where her ancestors whould go because of the drawings but she didn’t know why. Karana stayed there for almost a week inside of the cave during bird there she decided that she needed to make some arrows she made 3 and the next time she saw the wolves she was ready and she  threw the arrows at 2 of the wolves. She was walking around the next day and then she saw the injured wolf and she decided that she was going to help it so she cleaned the wound and then she went to go fishing and gave him some cooked fish( fish is bad for them). Then it is was when she had decided that she was going to name her own wolf Rontu.      At one part of the book Karana’s brother had died because some other wolves had attacked him and that was when Karana had appeared to have killed the rest of the wolves but not Rontu. Karana’s dad also does and he was the chief of the island there was also Kimiki and she died to when they left the island she went with the chief. What surprised me the most about this story was when I need up finding it that the story was fiction. I couldn’t believe how brave a girl could be if I was in Karana’s place I would not believe what I would be capable of I would be surprised. I think that this doesn’t relate to society or other people because I don’t and have never seen anybody go through anything similar yo this or at least that I know. This maybe could relate to somebody in the inside or what they might be going through emotionally. I looked up and I actually found more information about Karana and then I found that Karana was 12 years old at the time that all of these things happened in the book. I didn’t know that some one like Karana could be so capable of doing the things that were explained in such a book like this. I also saw that Rontu Karana’s wild dog that belonged to the aluets ended up dying and he left as far as he could in the island so that karana could have found him and then Karana did find him and she slept with him that night and she woke up the next day and he was sadly not alive anymore. I found that Karana’s real name is Juana Maria but Scott the author of island of the blue dolphins renamed to be named as Karana. One of the things that I also saw when I looked up the book was that it was real life. Whenbi first saw this book it thought that is was just non fiction like all of the other books but then it ended up being fiction which totally surprised me a lot and then that was what made me interested in the book of island of the blue dolphins.