Sep 22

Everyone I know has experienced some rough patches in life, concerning their love lives. Most of the rough patches were childish in the manor and could have been avoided, in all honesty. But oh man, the issues I have with love. Love is a strong term to describe anyone and it is quite a dangerous term. Saying you love someone makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, but it also shows commitment which is a scary thing for some. But what happens when you love someone, and it doesn’t work out. Now love is pretty new in my life, and my feelings for a girl were just puppy love. But it was my first love just the same, and it hurt just the same. In Carry On the writer speaks of a significant other and the fact that the writer really did love them. But something happened in which I do not know, and yet the writer managed to gather the strength to carry on. Now, how about we talk a little bit about love and such, and the importance of moving on.

What really sucks is the second stanza which states, “I don’t hate you, Because I still love you.” Love is blind as the masses say, and you’re always going to love that person that ripped your heart out. It’s just human nature, if you want someone enough then all of their faults just disappear, right in front of your eyes. But that’s not healthy for anyone and I know; I know very well the issues of a bad relationship. I fell hard for a girl, and that lasted two very broken and kinda irritating years. Is was fun as I have to admit, but I hurt for a lot of that terrible relationships. We had a total of three breakups in a span of two years, and that’s not a typically good aspect of it. The first was carried out by me, because I had a bad feeling about her. Which turns out I was right about it, so I should’ve gone with my instincts. The second was carried out by her because had conflicting feelings for her best friend, which then transitioned to another friend when she figured out how she felt of her best friend. That whole two-week period of her figuring things out sucked, and I don’t know why we got back together. Then finally the third was carried out by both of us, when she said that she felt nothing towards me. That hurt me more than anything else, and here I am finally over her. Overall it was a pretty bad relationship, in hindsight. But at the time I was too blind to see it, and act out on the negative events. Moral of the story is don’t jump into a relationship with someone you don’t that well.

I’ll be honest and say I am not perfect and relationships are not supposed to be perfect. You have to expect a couple of rainy days even in the best relationship in the world. But, don’t feel bad for most of the relationship. Carry on and more importantly feel better with your life, break up with the person who makes you hurt. There is no point in being with someone that makes you feel bad, that’s not what relationships are meant for. You’re supposed to feel relatively happy for most of a relationship, to my knowledge. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel that things are that way because people like to be happy. I like being happy, but that relationship made me sad and now I’m glad it’s over. Don’t beat a dead horse like I did, move on and go on with your life.

The issue I see now is that people only go skin deep, no one I know for the majority gets to know a girl. They all say dude , she is soo hot and just look at appearance. But, no one talks about meaningful things like someone who is generally interesting. It goes to show how superficial kids are, maybe we grow into maturity. But right now it’s either a hit or miss. You either last or you don’t it is as simple as that. Everyone has a match, just because of all the people on this planet. No one can not be loved, as long as you are a good person. Now people with bad attitudes and such, really aren’t worth anyone’s time. But they can change and that’s all that matters in the end. Everyone is worthy of love in my eyes, and that’s how it should be. Now bad relationships are bound to happen, but don’t give up on it. Carry on and move on, there’s always other fish in the sea. It’s just your job to look for someone that is worth your time

In the end love is hard, it is never an easy thing to do. But it happens and it is a nice feeling to feel, but it is also a doorway to bad feelings. But those bad feelings are lessons that you can learn from. Love is like food everyone has a different pallet and has different needs, so no one’s love is alike. I am refining my taste persay, so that will take a while. But right now I feel pretty okay, and I’m enjoying feeling alone. Don’t let one bad experience ruin the experiences to come, move on and live to see a better day.

Sep 05

In this episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the host John Oliver  talks about the progress in the North Korean missile program. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has accelerated his intercontinental ballistic missile program to an astonishing degree and the global community is sweating bullets to say the least. This is a completely reasonable way to feel because, North Korea isn’t what you would call a stable and sane government.  At any point North Korea could attack the capital city of South Korea which is Seoul, and start the next world war. This is about the worst time for tensions with North Korea to escalate and get to world war Proportions. Our president isn’t  what you call the calm and collective type , he is irrational and acts on impulse. The fact that he wants to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it is enough reason to believe this statement. This added to the fact that North Korea is receiving massive sanctions from the European Union  makes North Korea a bomb just about ready to go off.

My thoughts on this endeavour are pretty nonchalant if i’m honest, maybe even to an unhealthy degree. I have confidence that North Korea will not use its new nuclear missiles, at all if it knows what is for it’s own good. If Kim Jong Un does then his country will face all out war with America and all of  it’s allies. Kim Jong Un is not the best leader in any regard, but he isn’t an idiot by any means. He knows that if he ever fires a missile in South Korea’s direction or at the United States then the consequences will be devastating. The only reason North Korea is creating missiles in the first place are to have leverage over the European union, which give out sanctions by the boatloads. That is the only logical reason for North Korea to be creating any type of  missiles in the first place. If war does break out then it will be quick and messy. China is North Korea’s allie, but even China is starting to distance itself from anything involving North Korea. The heat is getting a little too hot for North Korea, and it can’t stop with its nuclear program that doesn’t make sense from my point of view. But at the same time continuing with the nuclear program just creates more trouble, and that isn’t good either. War would be a terrible option to follow through with, but it is a possibility.  Nuclear warfare is not to be messed with, it just causes more problems than it solves. Both sides on this conflict know that, but both sides of the conflict are very agitated. Starting a war is as easy as clicking a button, but surviving a war is as hard as it sounds. If i’m completely honest both countries are run by inexperienced socially isolated idiots. At no point in their life have they suffered or understand what it feels like to be lower or  middle class. Both parties are in the high class, and not to mention that they have a huge amount of power in terms of money and influence. Kim Jong Un is a dictator, and is as bad as they come. He forces his people to work for him, and does not tend to their needs. Donald Trump is an unpresidential  president, and about as impulsive and greedy as politicians come. He uses emotion to win and get support, and the sad thing is it works. He also passes laws that will benefit the rich, which is the group that he is apart of. They have the ability to destroy the entire world, and upset the overall peace that the world is in. Think about that, and it is scary it’s not funny. You can’t play it off as a joke, when you really think about it. But worrying about something like this is pointless. We have no influence over what North Korea does. All that we can do is hope for the best, and keep on living.

That is the basic political situation at the moment in the world. It isn’t a very happy point in time for the United States. John Oliver presented the situation in a very humourous fashion. That is something that i typically enjoy watching, but my point of view is very cold and serious. I am not a comedian, i’m barely involved in politics. But i try either way, i want to learn about politics. Politics are interesting and idiotic in a way, both parties have dark histories. Not to mention that being a politician is not the most clean cut profession. But knowing about politics is important, in this day in age. Knowing where you stand isn’t as important as understanding the policies and laws that get passed on a daily basis. I am not in affiliation with either party, both have a negative stigma around them. Democrats don’t act and just talk about what can be changed. While Republicans are very conservative and not open to change, which i am not about. Maybe at some point in time the parties will change and I will like one, but until then i’ll just watch from the background.


Andy signing out… stay political

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