The Origin of History

If an event is not recorded in some way, did it every happen? History is a record or knowledge of past events in a certain chronological order. But humans have only been keeping a record and knowledge of past events for only several thousands of years. There could be millions of stars which came into existence and died before the first microbes appeared on earth, but the question of if they actually existed cannot be answered by man. This knowledge is possessed only by the goddess Historia whose task it is to keep a recorded history of the universe through time and space. She accomplishes this by weaving an elaborate tapestry into which she details the history of every planet, every galaxy, ever atom in the universe for as long as they have existed. The way into which she can put so much detail into a single tapestry is beyond human comprehension. Her job is not to keep a recorded history of the universe for our enjoyment but so that every particle of matter has as much recognition as it deserves.


For over 14 billion years she devoted her life to the preservation of our universes history. If she stopped her work for even an instant, whole galaxies could be lost, faded away into forgotten nothingness. The universe contained such a unity and balance that she weaved the fabric of space and time almost without thought. But recently, something new in the tapestry had caught the attention of the great goddess. A single strand out of place, somehow unique from all those around it. This new strand came from a recently formed water planet containing a colored string which had never been weaved into the tapestry before, a thread of life.


This new string piqued Historia’s interest and she started to keep a watchful eye on this string as she continued her work. The string continued to grow and brought with it an array of new colors which gave the tapestry a new vibrancy and beauty. But this beauty did not last for soon the life began to change into a new form and the beautiful colors of so many life forms began to fade, taken over by this new life. Humans. This new human strand formed like a parasite, destroying those around it as it grew. This single strand managed to upset the balance and unity of the entire tapestry, and Historia was forced to act to prevent the fabric of the universe from being unwoven by humans. At the risk of stopping time itself, the great goddess halted her work to give mankind one single warning of the consequences of their actions. She commanded man to halt his actions and rejoin the natural flow of history or suffer her wrath. But even in the face of immediate doom, man refused, ordained with a sense that their piece of the tapestry somehow was superior to the whole. Angered by their arrogance but also taking some pity for this misguided species; Historia ripped the string containing the history of human kind from the tapestry and threw it at the feet of man. She gave her ultimatum to man, “Take this string, for it contains the history of all mankind. Weave your own history from it, free from the knowledge of the rest of the universe. But do not dare to seek to rejoin the great tapestry of the universe, for if the threads of mankind encroach upon this tapestry again, yours will burn and turn to ash, erasing mankind from history forever.” This humbled man for he now knew of his insignificance in the universe and how he could be erased without a single sign of his existence in the universe.


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