Judge For Yourself

With the withdrawal of former senator Rick Santorum from the 2012 presidential election the names on the November 4th ballot have been sealed. Although the republican primary season is still not technically over, the general consensus is that it will be Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama. I may not be eligible to vote in this year’s election however I still feel an obligation to view all debates, research candidates, and form an opinion as if I was going to vote. Part of this research involves going to election websites for both candidates. After plowing through the donation pop ups on both websites and browsing through a little, I came upon something odd that when reflected upon had broader implications than these two persons. While the two candidate’s websites do have some similarities such as states, biography, news, store, there were two stark contrasts between the two that I feel says something about the two political parties as a whole. I want to remind my readers that I do not affiliate myself with any political party, I consider myself an independent.


The first difference is that the Obama website includes something that is omitted in Governor Romney’s; a tab labeled “groups”. In this tab are pages on all of the different groups which make up our nation how the President is in touch with every single one of them. President Obama has pages on African Americans, Latinos, Nurses, Veterans & Military Families, Young Americans, Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, Jewish Americans, LGBT Americans, People of Faith, and Woman. Governor Romney has often been criticized for not being in touch with and alienating minority groups which make up American society and culture. Seeing an entire section devoted to the different peoples of a country rather than money of a country reminded me of why President Obama captured so many votes in the 2008 election. Even the fact that the President’s website has an “Español” button while Mitt Romney’s can only be read in English says allot about how the two men view American society. Republicans in general cannot ignore the fact that the wealth of our nation is not in its manufacturing or its stock exchanges, it is in the ability of peoples from around the world to coexist in one nation rather than pitting one against the other. So far Romney has shown how he could run for Secretary of the Treasury, not President of the United States of America.


The second major difference I wanted to bring up between the two websites was the information in the “issues” tabs. I will simply list them as they are presented and possibly my point may be known before even explaining myself. For Mitt Romney we have Afghanistan & Pakistan, China and East Asia, Iran, Israel, Latin America, Middle East, National Defense, Russia, Courts and the Constitution, Education, Energy, Gun Rights, Health Care, Human Capitol, Health Care, Immigration, Labor, Medicare, Regulation, Social Security, Spending, Tax, Trade, and Values. And for President Obama there are Jobs and the Economy, Education, Energy and the Environment, Equal Rights, Health Care, National Security, Taxes, and Women’s Health. While Romney is talking about gun rights, deportation, and seemingly finding an enemy in every continent, President Obama is discussing equal rights, women’s health, and exterminating nuclear weapons worldwide. It seems that republicans are incapable of living without having some enemy to America. Is it really that hard not to have an “us against them” mentality?




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