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First off, I would like to say welcome back my readers. This short hiatus has seen many changes throughout the world, so I will dispense with the pleasantries and dive right into things.

I assume that (hopefully) all of my readers are by now aware of Paul Ryan being chosen as the Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney. Now since that announcement, and even well before, many conservative voices have been criticizing President Obama on his economic, fiscal, and foreign policies. I would like to take this time to reiterate that I consider myself to be an apolitical person. However I have lately become desensitized and at times disgusted by the constant “complaining” that is occurring amongst the ranks of the GOP. Ambiguous and heated criticisms followed by even more ambiguous defenses have become the norm in politics and has made it impossible for an undecided voter such as myself (although not eligible to vote in 2012) to form a logical opinion of either candidate. This changed this week, however, and came from a most unlikely source; Newsweek.

My family has had a subscription to the Newsweek magazine for well over three decades, of which, only about the previous three have been read by me. I had come to form the opinion that Newsweek was predominantly biased towards a more liberal view of world news. My perception was shattered by the latest issue where the cover article quite bluntly put it “Hit the Road, Barack: why we need a new president.” I was almost certain this would be just another conservative rant and had no intention to read it, but I consider the writers of Newsweek to be an educated and informed group who would adhere to that most basic of middle school principals; claim and proof. I encourage my readers who receive Newsweek to read this article if they have not or for others to subscribe because this article was welcome example of what a respectable and measured political article should be.

The author, Niall Ferguson, admits that President Obama is an excellent orator, campaigner, and visionary while presenting his argument for his removal in a detailed and concise way. Ferguson provides statistical data, quotes, and good persuasive skills to move me to the conclusion that, should the election be held tomorrow, I would cast my ballot for the Romney/Ryan ticket. The three main issues that I agreed with were centered on Entitlements, Bureaucracy, and Foreign Policy. Too many times has my mom come home from the hospital where she works and described the constant scene of patients on disability benefits that do are not impaired in any way or Medicaid patients who are then seen driving out of the parking lot in a BMW or Mercedes. The system of entitlements is broken and this article makes a good case for the reforms that Representative Paul Ryan has put forth. From school district policy to the tax code, bureaucracy has always escaped me. Saying you cannot put lead in children’s toys is one thing, but to require a permit for a lemonade stand is beyond pushing it. The larger a bureaucracy grows, the slower things get done. I cannot think of an example where this would not be the case. Now finally to foreign policy, Ferguson is right when he says that were it President Bush who was constantly sending assassination drones on a daily basis, the uproar would be immense. Half of Mali is in control of Al-Qaeda, Syria is in more of a bloody civil war than Libya ever was, and Palestine is a country weather you like it or not. Can someone please explain the logic behind the inaction on these issues?

In no way am I trying to sully the good name of President Obama. He is a well-intentioned man who would do better good as the Secretary General of the United Nations rather than a two term president. In my study of history I have found that Democrats are good world leaders while Republicans tend to be better domestic leaders. My assessment of these two candidates for this post completely excluded all social and related issues and was based solely on economics. In this day and age however, voters have to take both into account and this assessment is therefore theoretical in nature. But it provides a good starting point for the issues that should matter more than religion, marriage, etc. I do not envy the choice the voters of 2012 face. Good luck my friends and I hope you try to see the larger picture of what a President must accomplish.



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  1. Sadly those are the same entitlements that republicans set-up. How many fat cat GOP members do you think really pay their fair share of taxes? Well written post, but you are missing some points.

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