Era of Editors

  Although I have never been a fan of most art forms, photography has always been an exception. Paintings, sculptures, and “traditional” art seek to find beauty and meaning through the lens of the imagination. Photography on the other hand shows us that reality and the world around us is art in its own right. […]

Endeavor to Improve

  Over two weeks since the arrival of the space shuttle Endeavor in Los Angeles, it has come to its final resting place at the Los Angeles Science Center. I was present during the last leg of her journey as she passed the University the Southern California which inspired me to express my thoughts surrounding […]


[yframe url=’]   Viral Videos. They have allowed unknown musical artists to thrive (Justin Bieber) and spur political movements (Kony Day). It is by simple chance that we become exposed to a video which may be of great importance or relevance which otherwise would have silently died away in the depths of the internet domain. […]