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Viral Videos. They have allowed unknown musical artists to thrive (Justin Bieber) and spur political movements (Kony Day). It is by simple chance that we become exposed to a video which may be of great importance or relevance which otherwise would have silently died away in the depths of the internet domain. In my life I have greatly ignored “YouTube sensations” or other viral videos which seem to pop up out of nowhere, then disappear just as mysteriously into the void. What prompted me to break from my usual habit of ignorance, I know not. But it was a profound choice. People post videos on social media sites like Facebook on a regular basis and I have been so inundated by mindless noise that this video has once again given me hope for the power of the global network.


I first came by the video through a friend whom I have never known to personally ask something unless it is of great importance. Before viewing the video I was puzzled at why, when prompted to do so, my friend could give no more detail other than “I can’t explain why, you MUST see this video”. I had scolded him at the time yet now when I ask my friends and colleagues to view the video I can say no more than he. Although made for a predominantly gay friendly audience, this video and the story it tells does not solely within the LGBT community. The beginning line does not say “Only gays will understand this story”, it simply said “What if tragedy struck the one you loved?” I myself thought it to be simply a general romantic video until it explicitly took a turn towards advocacy.


This video touched me in a way that no internet video, television show, or movie has done so in the past or may well do so in the future. No man or woman should have to go through anything remotely similar to this man’s story. I have known that such situations have transpired, but this particular story was so effective because it conveyed such as sense of reality that one really thinks, “This can really happen to me.” From my perspective, the order by which one can convey the greatest sense of reality to the audience and illicit an emotional response is numbers, written language, spoken word, pictures, video, and experiencing it for oneself. The use of home videos and pictures effectively portrays the narrator and his life as no different from any of the viewers. So “real” and convincing was the video that it has actually prompted me to write my own personal will that, although not an official legal document, somewhat puts my mind to ease that I could avoid this situation from ever happening to or to those whom I care for.


I am a peaceful man, but the one subject who can anger me to such a high degree is that of uncaring and unsupportive parents. I hold no pity in my heart for a mother who lost a son for whom she held in such disapproving contempt. People have unfortunate accidents all the time and while heartbreaking and painful, it was the actions and words of the son’s parents which made the situation into the utter disaster depicted in this video. I simply cannot comprehend how a father could threaten a lover with violence for attending the funeral of a man he intended to be his husband. To disapprove is one thing, but to convey such a sense of hatred towards one’s own child is deplorable. As a teenager, to see love met equally with hate conjures feelings I cannot begin to describe. So I ask my readers, the adults of the world, do not permit the circumstances which led to this video continue either socially or legally. For if it could happen to him; it could happen to you.

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