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I created my blog two years ago as a means to express my views and opinions on the world today since I essentially had no other way of doing so. Since I was not an adult I did not legally have a voice because I could not vote or take any meaningful action on the things I care about. This unique perspective of “An Adults World through a Teenagers Eyes” has been the main focus of my blog since its inception and has contributed to my continued enjoyment in writing it. It is easy to have an outsider’s opinion as a teenager, but in just a few days’ time I will reach the age where my blog will now be about my own “adult” world and not of someone else’s. This will be a bitter sweet moment as will simultaneously gain my valued adult voice in the world and lose my teenagers voice and perspective on the world which I have cherished so greatly. So far on my blog I have talked the talk without being able to put much substance behind it. However, this blog is of great importance because while I still retain the world view that is woven into all of my posts I can finally put my money where my mouth is.


My first official act as a legal adult will be to obtain a California I.D. which will allow me to register to vote in time for the March 5 city elections in Los Angeles. This now creates a dilemma because I will have to make choices which have real world implications whereas before I have been restricted to the confines of a student blog. I want my first choice as an adult to be the right one and have been scrambling to familiarize myself with the issues, candidates, and ballot measures of our city. I have visited the campaign websites, watched the debates, and perused news articles and after some soul searching have concluded that what is important to me will lead me to cast my mayoral vote for Councilwoman Jan Perry. I am not voting for Jan Perry because I dislike and am majorly opposed to the other candidates, quite the contrary. Los Angeles would do well to elect any one of the top three candidates running for Mayor. But Jan Perry, who represents the district covering Downtown and South Los Angeles, has stood out from Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti as a human being rather than a generic politician.


During the recent mayoral debate at UCLA, Greuel and Garcetti made no statement that was not already rehearsed. Every sentence and answer to a question repeated campaign slogans and clichés. Any attempts to get a direct response where met with ambiguity. It is quite possible that I could like either Greuel or Garcetti better than Jan Perry; the problem is however that I know virtually nothing about them. Garcetti touts his record of “transforming” Hollywood and bringing much needed change to his district. I do not know of what progress he is talking about since I have seen nothing but stagnation or even reversal of Hollywood in the past ten years. Jan Perry on the other hand has been a key figure in the complete revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles and development of much neglected South L.A. I have several times seen Perry walking the streets of Downtown while her opponents barricade themselves in city hall. Well known for her walks through skid row, Perry knows specifically what she wants to do for the city of Los Angeles. I have no doubt that Perry will continue to fight for L.A. continued progress and investment in infrastructure, housing, and public safety.


The two other major candidates have some of these qualities as well; however the thing which really sets Perry apart from all the rest and seals my vote for her is her candidness and honesty. She is always as honest as human possible, almost to point of bluntness, but that is exactly what we need right now. She is not afraid to be unpopular and has thus far managed the art of being a politician who is untainted by politics. Her grassroots campaign is a major example of this. While Garcetti and Greuel have taken millions from PAC’s, labor unions, and organizations, Perry has maintained a traditional, clean, and honest campaign. I fear that so much special interest money would make it difficult or impossible to take a tough stance on issues facing our city when it is most necessary. Come March 5 I will be voting not for a senator or president, but for a mayor, and the distinction is clear.

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