A Child’s World through an Adult’s Eyes

If an alien species were to turn on the television or read the headlines of news articles for the past two weeks, then one would be under the impression that our planet was engaged in a bloody third world war. But then take a walk outside in the streets of Los Angeles or Seoul and one think the world was in a golden age of peace and prosperity. So how can these two radically different realities exist at the same time? This situation, like with most international quagmires, is brought on by the oddest place on earth; The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, more affectionately known as North Korea.


Since the installation of a new leader in 2011 there has a constant barrage of threats, provocations, and nuclear talk, but not of actual weapons. However in the past several weeks these things have only increased in intensity to a point where the North is “officially” back in a state of war with the U.S. and that the movie plot of Red Dawn will become a reality. Yet if you talk to the average American or South Korean there is little to no change in their daily lives. The current situation piqued my interest enough where I went found these two videos on CNN showing the stark contrast between the mindset of those who live no more than 40 miles apart. While the “dogs of war howl from North Korean’s televisions screens”, the images coming from their southern neighbors are like any other uneventful Sunday. “The South Korean people are not even interested” said one woman who was interviewed at a cultural event. I find it incomprehensible how this was all from the same day and coming from the same small peninsula.


I chose to title this blog A Child’s World through an Adults Eyes because it seems to be that only the imaginations of children could create the situation which currently exists. There must be some secret or fact which escapes me because after watching these videos it seems like the world is a child’s play thing. The thing which both fascinates and frustrates me is the most is the extent of complacency that exists with the current situation. It is a never-ending cycles of all-out war and armistice. Now it is not one side or another that is the child. To my North Korean friends who appeared in the first video I would say that none of who were alive during the Korean War so there is no reason for the animosity. And to my fellow Americans who run the department of defense I would say that telling a county that you would never do anything provocative while simultaneously flying B-52’s, B-2’s, and F-22’s miles from their border. That is just as childish as the provocations carried out by the North.


So for all of the people who continue to feed on the rhetoric of both parties and respond in a large fashion I say this; children will do anything to get attention and the best thing to do when in their game is simply not to play it.

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