A warning to my viewers that the images I will post at the end of this blog are very disturbing, but I feel that since my blog is based on my responses to audiovisual content, it is appropriate to show ALL of that content. This is the first time on my blog where I am simultaneously writing about a subject and event while watching what is taking place on my very television screen. Not 30 minutes ago I came home from a normal Monday school day to find my grandmother sitting at the living room dining table while “BREAKING NEWS” and “TERROR IN BOSTON” flashed on the flat screen. Immediately I turned my computer on and began to search for any information I could about what had happened. However as I began I noticed that I was completely calm and even downright indifferent. This is due to the fact that it has now become an almost weekly occurrence where I learn about some terrorist bombing in the world. Dozens dead, hundreds wounded; it never seemed to be real. I was numb from it all.

That all changed however when the picture which now shows at the top of this post, turned full screen on my laptop. I was immediately inundating with feelings of horror, grief, and fear. While I wish with all my heart that the events which caused this image did not exist, they did indeed happen. And I think it is very important that I and my readers see this image and those that will follow after it. I will never forget that on this day, Patriots Day, the blood of patriots stained the sidewalks of a city whose only crime was exercise.

While today was indeed a tragic day, half the world away in Iraq, 55 just as innocent souls were lost during their daily routine. I guarantee that none of my fellow classmates were aware of this fact and will not be tomorrow. I thought it was only fair to find images of that tragic massacre and give the victims some tribute in my blog. However I have not been able to find a single image from that attack and will undoubtedly forget all about it within a week. So the main point of my blog today may seem insensitive at first, but I feel it is crucial that we never cease to lose our humanity. So I say to all my readers that they should not only view the images on my blog, but in the future they should make it a point to see the uncensored version of tragedy. In essence, try to disturb yourself. For if you do not, then I fear the worst for our “civilized” society. The National Holocaust Museum makes great use of this when it shows raw and real images/videos of the horror done to “undesirables” during WWII. I make it a point myself every year to watch uncensored 9/11 images/videos so that I never lose my compassion and drive to do good in the world.

I am not saying to live in fear, just to live in reality. For if that reality is such like today, I pray our humanity will respond accordingly.

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