China’s Strict Policy…

As some of you know, China had a strict “one child policy” but had been turn down in 2015. This interested me a lot because I immediately knew this WAS going to solve the massive population in China but will lead more problems throughout the years. The link to the video is here.

In this video you can see that the policy was very problematic because every parent hoped the mother gave birth to a boy and not a girl due to the benefits a male can do. One of the problems that they didn’t include in the video is that if there were not as many females in China than male, they would have a hard time reproducing. Although this does fix China’s population problem, I believe that this well be a bigger problem in the future. Still China is allowing parents to have at least 2 children. This is still a difficult situation and here’s why.

I believe that if there are not as many women than there is male, it’s going to be harder to reproduce. Restating what the video said, parents WANTED males and if they ever got females they would be abandoned in streets, leave them in an orphanage or even kill them. Not only is this heartbreaking but I believe that there won’t be as many men married due to the decrease female population and the number of unmarried men rise. I also imagine that if there are more men than there are women, not only will men be more violent and aggressive but will also start more fights and conflict with each other. I imagine this because men will have to worry about finding a mate and will have to strive harder than before. They will find it harder and harder to find a bride.

Another thing I can assume is that men might become homosexual . By the way gay marriage is illegal in China which is another problem. Men will unlikely wish to get married because most likely women will be taken or married, so men will start craving men.

So let’s gather all the information, the limited amount of child you can have will affect many people in many ways. If you were a girl, you would either be abandoned, left in an orphanage, or dead. Maybe if your parents decide to keep you, you would would be a disappointment to the family due to opinion (that I think is false) that men could do a lot more jobs and would be more successful than a women. Not only is this policy sexist, men will also be affected because I assume that some men will be homosexual because the strive for getting married will decrease due to the fact that it will be harder to find a mate. Gay marriage is illegal too so that doesn’t make the situation any easier. They would have to hide it or keep it a secret and maybe be lead to them getting picked on:(. This can also start many suicidal thoughts and will make men depressed.

This video really change my perspective on the “one child policy” because it made me realize that one thing can affect a lot of people. China is 20% of the world. There are 33.5 million more men than women which is a massive gender gap.





My Response To a Quote

 “Ask Yourself If What You Are Doing Today Is Getting You Closer To Where You Want To Be Tomorrow” – Jelly Wong

The quote above by Jelly Wong, a designer in a website called Life Hack influenced many dreamers to reach there goals in life. This quote caught my attention when was looking for quotes about success and was the only one with a black background and white font. I was looking through her work and found lot of simple colored quote. They weren’t the same as any other. quote I’ve seen. Click here for her quote

I would enjoy reading this quote time to time because anyone who wants to achieve something in life or want to simply find motivation to keep going can get them the right mind set. What I also found interesting about this quote is that there is a question in the text. The question is “What can you do to get closer to where you want to be tomorrow? ” Anyone with a dream/goal can answer this question but only if they are welling to give it there all. What Wong tried to interpret in her quote was that any progress is a step further to what you want to be/do in life. Any step of improvement is getting you closer to what you want to do or become is what she wanted the reader to understand.

I liked how Wong’s quote wasn’t straight forward. For one, she make the reader want to figure out what she was trying to explain. The author is making the quote look like advice as if she’s trying to put the reader in the postion where you need it. The quote has a question and questions have answers, so its up to you to find that answer. Obviously if you ask different readers the same question they won’t give you the same answers because everyone has a different dream/goal.

It’s easy to look in the future and ponder if you’ll become the person you want to be. This quote has a positive mind set that can make the reader actually stop pondering and do the tasks they need to do. Whether its gain muscle or getting your dream job, you should always be getting a set further to were you want to begin life. I know I am.