What are the option of the US Military toward the aggression of N.Korea

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September 4, 2017

In these past few years we have be threatened by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and his Military supply like new and improved ICBM and its Nuclear warhead which are key to mass destruction and devastation for a place. Lately the US have thought on what will be their action toward N.Korea. North Korea has an eye out for Seoul (the capital of South Korea) we are worried of North Korea attacking South Korea capital. Also not so long ago North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile and surpassed Japan this was just a test for North Korea’s ICBM. The United States Air Force will be the first to strike. But the US has to send submarine and warships equipped with, tomahawk Missiles so it can cause a distraction to the N.Korea’s air defense so the Air Force can do his job. North Korea has advanced with the new and improved intercontinental ballistic missile North Korea has created nuclear warheads and has reached his succes. But North Korea attack can be avoided by the USA new GMD ( ground based midcourse defense) which are ground forces ready to shoot down incoming or ICBM. What I think about North Korea’s aggression to the USA is very stupid because it a very risky play or action for a country who is barely getting its stuff together. I think there no chance of North Korea going through with their plans and bombing the US. Many people like I speculate that this will cause a war or even worst World War 3 due to the allies that north Korea has and South Korea, Japan, and the United States. All in all this something that I found very interesting to write about and expressed and what might happen and what people think about it.

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