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Art Therapy

At times we feel a mix of emotions consuming us within. Art therapy has been something that has helped individuals to get in touch with themselves by practicing the visual arts. Studies have shown that people of all ages benefit from doing some sort of art therapy. Doing this kind of activity is something that shows our personality to the world and how it is able to affect and help people realize things about themselves.  When you think of the word therapy it doesn’t necessarily mean damaged or in trouble. For years therapist have had many people come in just to  get in the process of “self- exploration” by seeing and analyzing how people tend to express their emotion using the arts (painting, sculpting, drawing etc.).

  At times anybody can perform art therapy in their own genuine way because art therapy can be done by people who are healthy or not. The article of information given on art therapy explains how people use it to not connect with themselves but help build connections with others when they put what they feel on canvas or clay. The world has always had a connection with the art world making it full of different traits that people bring out when expressing themselves. What is said most is that teens are the most difficult to work with because they are in the stage of not wanting to speak much but with children and adults the process is easier and flowing.  Art therapy has been used to help people get through various stages of their life but mostly it is helpful to those with serious disorders that find it hard to share about things so they are given the option to communicate through art visuals. There are people out there that specialize in art therapy and the analyze details and can take certain feeling off of artwork they are presented with by people them using that to connect with the person giving them help and support. Overall the point of art therapy is to help the person to return to the place where they were comfortable and well-functioning in their self-awareness.

  What I have seen what art therapy is that it’s actually really fun. Not to say anything is wrong with me but I did enjoy making things randomly and not having people question what it was that I created. Using art therapy helps a person because they think outside the box what they think about it making and see how it takes them to create something that they feel a connection to because it is based on pure emotion they have. The concepts of art therapy are looking what colors people use or how strong of an e appearance it makes to stand out which give off the vibe the person has at the moment. To be able to accomplish and succeed in art therapy the person must use their creativity skills even if they are poor and let the therapist help them to heal and get a better mental health over time.

 Anything that can give relaxation and a calm state of mind using some sort of art can be a form of art therapy even the Huffington Post gives art therapy techniques to get rid of that stress which clouds our minds. From making watercolor paintings to using sticks to make a sculpture shows how we are able to perform and do things the way we feel and like. We all can say that with the use of art therapy anyone can benefit and learn a few things about themselves along the way. We all have some sort of way to do things so when the pattern is disturbed we feel uncomfortable and pursue to get lost while trying to find a way to fix the problem. 

    Art therapy is beneficial to people who want it and are looking for a way to connect with the art world and receive feedback on the type of work they create to build up on their personality traits and feelings that will improve their state of mind. Anyone who thinks they can go to receive help are the ones who make the choice to get better and improve their connections with people wanting to branch out and get more information on themselves and what their artwork tells them. Art therapy takes place anywhere as long as the person remains comfortable in their position. Art therapy in conclusion should be to have a result of personal growth and even if the person doesn’t see a therapist they still know that they were able to perform a type of mechanism that helps them become a better person and growth personally.

Lucid Dreaming


For the longest time all humans and creatures have dreamed in their sleep about things that happen or we imagine what sounds impossible and really cool to be something we all dream about at night when our bodies decide to take a rest in the night is lucid dreaming. Dreaming is a big part in our minds that happen when we aren’t physically present in our bodies. Lucid dreaming has been something that every person has talked about because it transports us to a different place where impossible things become possible and we come to realization that we are dreaming. We as people take the dreaming stage to be the most peaceful or scary part of our night. Dreams can become memories we keep when we take the time to remember our dream. Taking part of lucid dreaming shows that our senses are heightened and the awareness we have around us becomes more prominent.

I would say we all have the ability to dream, people say that they can dream but when asked the usual answer is we can’t seem to remember what the dream was about. Even though the topic of lucid dreaming was something that catches the attention of people it also plays an important role in our life for those who are able to accomplish the tasks of lucid dreaming. In the article by the world of lucid dreaming it explains how the effects of lucid dreaming where first seen in1975 in the UK. I’ve asked myself how would it become possible for all people to experience at least once what lucid dreaming could do for them. What we know is what happens to our bodies physically to our bodies when we go into this trance of sleep is we have rapid eye movement. The advantages of being able to lucid dream are we get to explore places around us without being there.

Lucid dreaming has taken us to parts of our mind where accomplish the impossible like flying or eating fire. Studies have proven that that for people achieve being able to lucid dream they must have an increased brain activity than they already had before they began. A question I had when I was younger and most people have is how does it feel to lucid dream and how do we know when we are lucid dreaming? What I can say is that I myself have experienced lucid dreaming at least once. My experience was when I woke up but not really and decided to take a car trip and stopping to various beautiful places when I pictured them in my mind. Trying to lucid dream was something I thought I wouldn’t be able to ever do but it becomes possible when you least expect it.  In lucid dreams people perform tasks that are set by their brain to figure out and respond to during a specific time frame during sleep.

The fact that we dream is beautiful because that’s how we know our bodies have fully given out to that slumber we all look forward to when we have had a long day and just lay in bed falling to sleep for hours at a time. The senses we have to lucid dream are the time we know we don’t have “boundaries and no limitations” which is how we are able to make anything we think of become real at the moment. For lucid dreamers we have an experience that is out of this world because we become aware and take step to have our dream play out without waking up and remaining in the so called “dream world”.

Dreaming should be something we enjoy but people should try to lucid dream once in  a while to experience how it feels to do things when we picture them clearly and hard enough we do things that only happen in movie and not reality making it seem unrealistic but very much like true. The world of lucid dreaming is to control your dreams and see how we are able to achieve things when we dream at the time of day when we are not present but only in our minds and brain which are a fascinating part of our bodies. Any type of dreaming has and will be around or present when we are sleeping. We will remember our dreams that stand out to us but also will forget some of them over time because we have many dreams during one night but we focus on the most prominent making lucid dream one of the ones we remember because we become aware that we are in “Dream mode” than rather be awake and present. For that my friends I leave you with “Lucid dream is the dream where we create and imagine the impossible things in the world at our finger tips during the state of mind of being mentally present but not physically stepping into another world. The world of dreaming.” Sleep tight and remember to make the bedbugs go away if they try to pry in your lucid dreams replace them with puppies or kitties for more fun.


Benefits of reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” 
 George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons 

Some say that reading is something a boring person does or that it just isn’t fun to do on spare time during the day. Reading is something that is done for enjoyment to learn more and explore how people have a way to create stories that can impact people deeply. As said by George R.R. Martin when readers read we learn about others even through fiction. When we developed ourselves into the reading world we get to learn about new identities that authors and people can create by using the knowledge they have and create a certain personality when writing. To a person who never reads living a thousand lives would be something that doesn’t count to what the quote is trying to represent. When we read different books the benefit we receive is that we get to learn about emotional tactics the writer uses in their writing to create a story we are able to get attached to or to the characters which we feel a sort of connection with because they can either remind us of ourselves. 

In the article I read about how we can receive empathy from reading it describes how we are able to transport ourselves to the story making ourselves be a character or it just playing out in our heads by using the imagination we have to recreate the scenarios when we read. when we read we gain a characteristic which is how we can connect with a type of character in a story. Reading should be what we use to explore the world of literature and a way to explore our own feelings by reading and using the skills to develop so we become better readers. I myself am a bookworm I can actually admit not because others make fun of me because they catch me reading anywhere but because I enjoy reading stories about characters and the scenarios. What I find fascinating about books is that I get to picture everything in my mind and just go with the story which creates an emotional barrier that feels like I’m there in person in the story. Reading books wasn’t something I always like when I was little I didn’t even bother picking up a book because I thought it was dumb but as I got older I would go to bookstore or libraries and just stroll around reading summaries which would peak my interest to read books and the rest is well as they say history. Reading books has become a habit that I can’t break because for every book I read even though some stories are more interesting than others I am able to connect and feel what a character describes even if they are fictional and that i think make a book good to read. 

We associate the world of reading to the real world in many ways because we take events and convert them to stories that can outlast of ages just by simple words being put to print on paper or digital. I think that when we read be begin to comprehend and expand or depth of knowledge with words but also have an emotional tie, for example people have a better connection with fiction because we are able to create what we would like but also with non-fiction there are some stories that we also relate but more likely to fiction. To read is living through the perspective of many individuals in either first, second, or third person point of view. We become blind to the effect that reading has on us because as the more we read we learn more which make it seem easy to comprehend. 

Having to read can change how we view things in present life because we can visualize several images. when we pick up a book we can become enravled in it we don’t put it down until it’s finished or simply the book just sits there because a person never gave it the chance to develop itself as they read. We should all have the power to pick up a book even if we don’t like it because the benefits are really great once you get to read what people like us can create by using their skill of telling and creating stories that many people can relate to. For us to live a thousand lives as readers is figuratively saying as each book we read we get new small pieces from each story that stay with us even the small details or line we can have an emotional connection with. For a reader to not live a thousand lives would be to depict themselves as readers who don’t emotionally get attached to bits and pieces of characteristics a book can have in a couple hundred pages or less, even the smallest of authors can create something powerful enough to impact people by stories. 

Overall books are a significant thing in our society that helps us connect with the world by literature keeping the world of books alive. Any kind of book can have a good story when a person can feel what is written in the words by a person who put dedication into creating a story that was made for readers who are willing to give a story a chance of coming to life in the real world. For those who would like to read for simple pleasure are the ones who like to take the risk to then create a story which can benefit to reading world full of bookworms and regular people who just want to read a story they can form a relationship with causing the emotion to make the story a great one. All books have their own personality and touch of emotion in them it just takes a reader to find out what the story is about it by reading the book infront of them and giving them something in return as they spend time with a couple of bind pages together at any time of the day.

A world full of colors


We all have the definition of art being created by a person in a creative but artistic way of showing an interpretation of something. The world is a literal projection of art itself even if it is underestimated by people. Some are taught that only talented individuals can create master pieces such as paintings, drawings, sculptures or other forms of artwork. (I mean yes maybe but thats not what it’s all about). Art is something that has been universal since the beginning of time by everyone and anyone. The creativity we hold in our mind make things out of ordinary to become extraordinary in our own unique way. Our artistic talents vary in different ways we use color and feeling in our art, but how we show it is another. Art is anything from being dance, music, acting, singing, writing or being an artist creating away what our imagination developes and has a deep meaning which we make a reality.

As we know not everybody has the appreciation for art which for I don’t understand quietly. I figure we all need some type of art form in our life to make it colorful and not just black and white. There is a reason why we all need art in our lives. Some have the misconception of saying art is for talented people who know how to draw or paint, sing or dance. Art is simply made to capture moments of our life which we project to the world to view. It’s also a part of us which we show our emotions, awareness and how we think about things. It can bring us joy or sorrow, describe a story or event. The world is filled with color everywhere how we interpret is using our imagination to seek artwork created by others.

In viewing art, our perceptions change and grow, leading to growth and change in ourselves.  -Alain De Botton and John Armstrong

I remember when I was a little girl that my dad always gave me paint and color pencils for my birthday saying “go wild little girl do what you feel” and to be truthful I did I’m not kidding. My mom always tells me stories today about how I would take color into my little experiments and they reflected on how I was feeling that day, but what I found interesting was that I really didn’t notice that use of how colors reflected my mood until she pointed it out. Art was always something that I liked to use as an escape to create little pieces of time and put into a picture or a type of aesthetic visual. Not only that but I also at times liked to create dances in my free time which I would choose songs that gave me meaning and want to project a certain visual that even others could feel just by gestures and seeing the movements. To be simple art is an idea put into action and it being able to affect people who see it but also feel it.

There is an article that describes the functions of art and how it is important to our individual lives. No matter how artwork is produced it was a way of changing the ambience around it. People can say art it is boring and what they don’t see is that they just missed the creation detail that can influence others to base it on and make their own work of art. Really thinking about it art doesn’t have to be complicated. “Creating a perfect picture” doesn’t always have to be perfect for example try throwing different colors of paint on a canvas and just imagine how you would splat the colors in directions on top of each other, creating a dance piece that makes people cry or be blown away by the movements, make music in a subway with some friends encouraging others to join in while listening to the acoustics sound through the tunnel, or writing something inspirational others can take in and act upon (you get the picture I think).

Art should be done in a way that keeps us in check with ourselves and wanting to let out our emotion in types of pieces that can inspire and bring out all kinds of experience we have into visuals. We should value the importance of art because it is what gives this world its colors everywhere in buildings, nature, houses, streets, and other environments. Having the seven functions of art is a way that art gets its growth in the world by coming from an idea made into something that can grow and gain recognition by others. It has the power of branching out to all kinds of people young or old in their own style.  Just creating art shows a side of us that makes us connect with the world and others around us that are reason for why we should value our world of color. Art is something beautiful, something creative, something inspiring that makes people want to make art in their own time exploring the world in color and not just black and white in other words as someone once told me art is well art!

The Power of Music


   For most of my life I can say that music has been something that has gotten me through good times and bad times. It’s always been as inspiring and what makes me connect with things. The power of music has been seen by all types of people and how it connects to our minds and bodies helping us improve our quality of life. I can really testify to that because it what helps me relieve and let my mind wonder depending what I listen to and where. I’ve always had a connection to music all around because it is what has saved me at times. There should always be music around for us to listen and tune to for when we want to deeply connect with our bodies and mind.

The articles‘ describe and state to what has been seen by people all around is truly intriguing, that music can be helpful in so many ways from relaxing our brains, heal the pain we feel in ourselves, improve our health in range and be a stress reliever. Music comes free it isn’t something expensive, it can literally be simple beats and rhythms made by anything simply.  What has been determined by doctors is that “The deep connection we have with music, it is perhaps unsurprising that numerous studies have shown it can benefit our mental health” which can benefit a person tremendously. Music has been used to reduce anxiety and to boost how our bodies work from the impact on our minds and body performance. It’s been around for so long that we have all types of music in our world that people can connect with. Everyone is different in how they like which type of music being classical, soul, rap, pop, rock, indie, blues and jazz.

      Me as a person who is basically derived from music (I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true) and all the types of genres I have an appreciation for all types of music and composers. Over the years I have seen what music can do for a person life to make them focus on a task, get them hyped up for a party or just relieve them to let them show emotion brought out by lyrics or passion in the music. I practically listen to anything and like to pay attention to the beats and sometimes count which keeps me focused on the music. The power provided by music can help us with memory by letting us remember certain events that have happened and can trigger us to have flashbacks. Certain melodies can take us back to remember things because of how our brains process the music to something similar and can relate to that object. What is known as the power of music is that it is used a lot for music therapy on people to relieve them and keep them stress free. I would say that if someone was to enjoy relaxing I’d highly recommend classic like (**Debussy, Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt**) who are geniuses at composing music for the mind just saying and see they are even made into a pretty link incase you want to listen to some of the master pieces made by these composers in my opinion.

“While the neuroscience and research findings around the various music therapy interventions employed to support speech, language, and communication are rapidly growing and evolving, this is an exciting area. “When combined with our colleagues’ working with these patients in related disciplines, we often see good results. Many open questions remain but the work is very encouraging.” 

      I have always said to people and my friends that music can help them if they try to connect with it in any possible way they can if they choose to sing it or play it with an instrument. As long as they can be able to express they can improve how they act and their own state of mind. Music is something that will always be around and can be created by the simple things we have around us. To create music a person should be able to take the emotion they feel and make that into sound for others to hear and appreciate. Billy Joel once said “It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” which I see his point. Everyone has a crave for music even if they aren’t really fans but at times we connect with a song and replay how we see things in our view with music playing. 

     How powerful music is one can see by how it changes a person or people in the matter. It will be something that inspire and influences others to make music for enjoyment and expression or to share a gift they have with others. People are attracted to music which has the power to make us bond and communicate. Music has the power to let us express ourselves in words said which we create with great meaning. The bond we share to music is important and shouldn’t be broken. It is a big part in our lives and should be included in the memories so we don’t forget and can tune back in whenever we hear it play. Even if we hear the music play for a while we can come to the conclusion of appreciating the sounds and beats that we hear all around us every day in various kinds by people of all sorts. Music has the power to let us express ourselves in words said which we create with great meaning. That reason is being the power of music is able to help us improve how we live and how we choose to enjoy sounds. Its power is able to make who we are and how we react to music by listening to the steady and smooth sounds made by people or objects. I will personally always love music and the way it helps us with improving our daily life by listening to it for even a couple minutes by myself to relax and let go. 


Stress and how to deal with it

STRESS: when our bodies respond to pressure or tension in our nervous system making be in a mental strain state.

As you all may know stress is probably one of the things we all go through and experience in our lives from it being daily or once in a while. I mean we all are stressed out about something even if it is a small thing, let’s take this blog post for example I’m kind of stressed in whether I’ll have time to finish it and do all the correct things in taking about stress right now.  Stress is defined by our body’s response to being in “fight or flight” mode which is how we react and respond. It is able to affect our quality of life and how we act, but worry not there are solutions to manage this so called stress many people have to deal with.

Stress is one of the harmful things that affect our bodies and mindset of us. The components of stress come from its causes and how they build up to well cause stress as we might say. It comes in many forms but being mentally pressured and mood driven. Stress can be seen as good and bad because it can motivate but then on the other hand it can damage. When our bodies are in our comfort zone we begin to strain and get stressed out at the threats which our nervous system will react to. The body’s response is to run away from that scenario and go back to our comfort zone by preparing itself. The causes of stress are known as “stressors” which these so called stressors vary and affect us negatively which make us worry so stress can be either seen externally or internal in a person. These stressors can affect our health and make us over think and overload causing health problems.

The influences of stress can affect your daily life because it can take a swing at your current attitude, control, and knowledge if it isn’t kept under control. That makes a person have a metal breakdown or they could immobilize until there body is ready to respond to the stress. It sound scary just by reading about it so its sound good to try to have a tolerate stress level. It’s good to know when you are able to manage your stress because it can literally save your life as long as you know when to calm yourself and take a breather. Below are given causes that are known to cause stress for an individual.

Common external causes of stress

  1. Major life changes
  2. Work or school
  3. Relationship difficulties
  4. Financial problems
  5. Being too busy
  6. Children and family

Common internal causes of stress

  1. Chronic worry
  2. Pessimism
  3. Rigid thinking, lack of flexibility
  4. Negative self-talk
  5. Unrealistic expectations/Perfectionism
  6. All-or-nothing attitude

My take on stress would be that it does affect me mostly external because of all the school work and life changes happening but hey all people are different and are dealing with different types of stress. I would probably fit under having all kinds of external stress cause but also some internal like doubting myself in something to much or overthinking when I shouldn’t. But hey thanks to this article it is so helpful to even list tips in how to avoid too much stress. Tips include relaxing, getting enough rest, stay in an active mindset that is tolerable and talk to others about what is going on in your life, all of these can reduce and help take care of the stress so there isn’t much pressure on yourself. For the tips listed I have used some of them mostly relaxing and listening to music which I just close my eyes and take deep breaths  because it help my mind and brain to calm down/disengage from the pressure I’m under and chill for a couple minutes alone.

Knowing when too much is too much should be on the person and how they feel that the stress is affecting them. So being able to manage and reduce your stress is a good thing like knowing what is the main source and how can you make it go away or lessen. when your felling stressed out don’t worry too much because you don’t want to already add more stress that you have so try to have an open mind and do what make you calm down and sort of reach into your happy place so that stress leaves your body. Therefore stress should be something that makes your motivated not overload and overthink to the point of exhaustion just enjoy yourself and handle what you can tolerate in pressure.

Our life value and choices.


I know your probably wondering why I chose to write about this even though it deems to have the most reasonable explanation of all. People will have an answer to this but some have deep thought about where our choices really do come from and why or how we make them.

The stages of choices we make start from when we are young and change as we grow. As we change throughout our life we face choices and changes that make us who we are and how we got there. The value of  our life  are make us who we are and how we made the choices we made. It all starts at our childhood because it influences us to see what we want to become and aspire. I believe people make the path they want to be on and make the decisions that can make it for them. Choices are meant to be made because they are the fundamentals of thinking and acknowledging that we have things to do and plan in our life.

Life choices come in many different ways from being easy as choosing whether we should eat ice cream all day or being difficult like having to make the choice in going to college and then living on your own. Those choices are what shape a person to be who they are. to make a choice is to evaluate and consider the possibilities of what can happen. The article explains on how our values are made from small things that happen in our life. Choices come from within us to create the life we live. It also states how its our “consciences” that people make choices and evaluate their own life. At a young age we are told what is right and what is wrong that’s why it helps use to make choices based on what we see and hear.

Choices can create strength in a person and it can inspire. Thinking about choices made are coming from our values and personal life. We make choices because we want to predict and make our life the way we wish to view a good thing for us. We think and view how things play out in our minds about the choices we are willing to make. The values we have we consider belongings that are seen in everyday life. Most people start to rationalize and comprehend choices they make because it can affect them or help them. For instance me making a decision in not watching so much t.v. is a good thing because I wouldn’t be wasting my time on time wasting things.

I think our values are what is the shaping of our lives because I view it as a base that sets everything in order. You can also see “value” as being a moral and it being a set that a person has within themselves. Values should be seen as what makes something so important you have to live with it. Values show people that the way you treat them reflects on how you were taught as a young child. Those values are either religious, being honest, kindness or other things. I have types of values that are important to me because it helps to make choices that impact our life for the better or worse.  Personal growth comes from experiencing things that make you mature or more aware about things and what can happen in the future.It can also be described as learning things from other people in viewing their perspective on things. Values are taught all throughout our life with different kinds of people young or old and they make us see differences that at other times we don’t or can’t see.

Overall the values we get or have can reflect our life choices in a negative or positive way. Choices are what makes our path to follow and walk. People change overtime just like their mindset and values change with them, but even with change we must learn to keep the choices in mind and do things with precise thought. Us as human beings have the capacity of reaching what we want to do in our life, but in order to reach that we must have good choices and values. Choices and morals will always be in our nature to think about and be compelled to think about changes that grow with us.

What actual happiness is or should be.

  HAPPINESS:) said by Aristotle was that “It depends on ourselves.” and “the function of man is to live a certain kind of life, and this activity implies a rational principle, and the function of a good man is the good and noble performance of these, and if any action is well performed it is performed in accord with the appropriate excellence: if this is the case, then happiness turns out to be an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue.”

happiness                                                                                         it took this image from a website.

   In other words people should define happiness to be ” that one feeling/ emotion that make people smile inside and out.” I actually agree to this why…well why not. From what Aristotle states and his reasons to being happy there is no argument from me against what he says lets face it the guy was pretty wise about what he said. Anyways I think happiness is exactly what is said by many that it is an emotion that makes people feel good and proud within themselves. Being able to have happiness I believe can come from in many forms not always being from having things others don’t but to be that you can enjoy what is around you and see what others might not which can be good. For instance this is an example; listening to music can make them  laugh or remember a good moment  and  watching a sunset can be bring happiness to a person. Actual happiness could be whatever a person wants as long as they can enjoy and live their life or as Aristotle says ” an exercise of virtue.”  The act of happiness during Aristotle’s time was probably meaning something similar today even though it was during Greek times. His quote given explains how happiness is seen through him and how it is achieved by a person which many today can relate to because the view on happiness is still the same viewed in people of all ages.

  Actual happiness I say should or is achieved by a person at least for a good while in their life if not their whole life. Many people can say they have found happiness and it is true. People have studied what happiness is and it comes in many forms which are involved mentality and well feelings expressed by a person. Aristotle’s vision of happiness is an idea that has purpose and is seen throughout people lives. In conclusion Happiness is a virtue that is lived by people everyday to enjoy life or moments in time. It has a purpose in our human nature to be happy and show happiness :).

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