Why You Should Go to Cal State La

Cal State La is a public school in the heart of Los Angeles. It is one of the twenty-three universities in the California State University system. Cal State La offers  129 Bachelors Degrees, 112 Masters Degrees, 22 teacher credentials, 3 Doctoral Degrees; a Ph.D in special education, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Nurse Practice. The requirements of becoming a university student has become more challenging through out the years. For example maintaining a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or above or meeting the minimum index of 2900 SAT1 or 649 using the SCAT. In addition, CSU first time freshman applicants must have a grade of C or better in subject requirements.

My mother experienced these challenges first hand when she applied at California State University, Los Angeles as a high school senior back in 2000. She beat the odds and graduated last June 2016 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a major in Finance and minor in Accounting. The struggle of balancing working full time, attending school full time while having my brother and I to care for is truly admirable. Her sacrifices weren’t in vain and we can now reap the fruits of such determination. This is one of many successful stories from a Cal State La Alumni.

Why this University?

Cal State La is very diverse serving institution. I have personally experienced first hand the positive environment that it provides for its students. When I visited Cal state la I was given warm welcomes from the students and staff on campus. When I first entered the school I saw a lot of students. They have a food court that’s located near the parking lot. This school is a very talked about school like UCLA and USC. Cal State is amazing school. It has a lot of extra curricular activities.

This school offers a lot of sports for women and men. This school is great for getting your degree in whatever your dream job is. When you fill out an application the people viewing your resumé will be looking at what school you attended. Graduating from college or a university will help you make more money in some professions. This school has a lot of activities you may like to join. Cal State has a website where you can get more information.

Does Cal State La have any sports?

Cal State La provides sports for men and women. They offer Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field for men. They offer Volleyball, Beach VB, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country, Track and Field for women. The colors for Cal State La is black and gold. The university’s mascot is an Eagle who also wears the school colors. Cal State La has a football field/ track.

Overall Cal State La is an amazing school. I recommend that you get a tour of the school to see what it looks like. This school very welcoming and has a positive environment. These are some reasons I’d like to visit the campus again. In my opinion these features of the school are breathe taking. This blog is not here to tell you what decision to make; however, please take this information into consideration.