Overcoming Anxiety


Overcoming anxiety is hard , but it is not impossible. Several people struggle with many different disorders, according to ADAA, “Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.”  Anxiety can be treated but only 36.9 % of those suffering with this disorder are getting treated. Anxiety disorders can be triggered  by brain chemistry, life events, personality, or it can be genetic.  People who suffer from anxiety usually don’t suffer from depression, but one-half of those diagnosed with depression suffer from anxiety.   Anxiety can come in different ways. In the TedxTalk I saw, Angela Ceberano explained that when anxiety is at its climax, it hits her in different ways. For example, she has difficulty sleeping , eating, or even staying up until 3 am worrying over the slightest details , sometimes she even plays different scenarios in her head about how the smallest things can affect her future in either a positive or negative way. According to Ceberano, changing your perspective towards life and surrounding yourself with positive people may help reduce anxiety attacks.  People suffering with this disorder or andy disorder understand the struggle of waking up everyday and having a million thoughts coming at you at once. It is very difficult but it is definitely not impossible. You just have to believe in yourself and tell yourself you can do it. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

    Ways to Keep Your Anxiety Calm

Did you know that there are several ways to calm down your anxiety ? Well if you were wondering its true there are several ways to calm down, even if anxiety is at its peak.  According to another TedxTalk I saw,  Olivia Remes explained three different ways to cope with anxiety. For example the first one is to feel as if you’re in control of your own life. GK Chesterton once said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly the first time.” By doing things without even thinking about the things that can go wrong speeds up your decision making.  What us as humans do, is that we aim straight for perfection, even though it is sometimes too much for us to handle, and once we realize that we never end up doing anything. The second coping skill that Olivia shared was to always forgive yourself. Serval people who suffer from anxiety worry too much about they are doing wrong on a daily basis. They are not kind to themselves at all, for example if they create an essay and they miss a few periods and commas here and there they believe that its terrible, they start stressing too much. Everyone must forgive themselves for the mistakes they recently made or mistakes that they made in the past. People in our generation need to realize that making mistakes is okay and that not everyone is perfect. The last coping skill that Olivia Remes shared was to always have a  meaning in life. No matter the amount of money we make , we know we aren’t happy until we find out that someone needs us, or that someone depends on our accomplishments, including if they need the love we share.  The very famous neurologist Dr, Victor Frankel said, “For people who think there’s nothing to live for and nothing more to expect from life, the question is getting people to realize that life is still expecting something from them.”   Doing things with someone important in mind help you go through the toughest times in life.  After doing this you will feel better in the situation your are in you will feel brave and feel as if you can conquer anything. Now the Question Olivia asked the audience is that same question I’m going to ask you, the reader of this blog, “Do you do a least do one thing with someone else in mind ?”

My Personal Experience With Anxiety Itself

I personally have had certain moments when I’ve had anxiety. For example, about two weeks ago I had my first every volleyball game, and let me tell you I had so much anxiety, I was so nervous of messing up . I felt as if everyone depended on me making a point, hitting the ball ,and making sure i didn’t miss a ball . I felt my heart rate speed up , my palms were sweating,  I felt as if I was going to have an anxiety attack right there on the spot, but luckily one of my really close friends who’s also experienced anxiety attacks told me to calm down and breath. She told me to think as if it was the other girls on my team who we were playing against.  Her tip helped me a lot.  What I also did besides from what she told me to do, I also drank a little bit of water and made sure I slowed my breath down , lastly I went outside of the gym to get a little bit of fresh air before the game.  Once the game started I felt fine, until the gym bleachers started getting full because the student started coming in to watch the game. Thats when my anxiety started slowly hitting once again, so I took a deep breath and told myself that everything was going to be okay. As the game started getting more competitive that is when I started focusing more on game than the people around me. As I did that my anxiety started slowly fading away. Even though my team and I lost , we did pretty good for it being our first game.