You all now have your very own blog!

I recommend you watch the videos (see tab above) I have made for you. I walk you through the entire set-up from signing in, to changing your theme, to writing a post. It’s important that you take the time to view it so that you don’t “break” anything and lose all the good stuff you are going to post.

BEFORE you start posting anything you MUST get me the permission letter signed by a parent or guardian.  In addition you must sign and date the Internet Safety Agreement.

Your blog:

The  rules regarding your name, image and moderation of comments will be dictated by whatever your permission slip states.

Theme: I have given you a number of themes. Feel free to use anyone you want (or just stick with the basic). If you don’t like any of them you are too picky. :)

Content: I hope that you will enjoy writing online. I have really had fun with my blog site. If you want to see my example: http://www.paigesprose.com . If you look at my posts you will notice they are based on things that interest me, essentially education and technology. That’s the idea of a blog, you write about what you are interested in. Thus why you are choosing to follow another blog based on your interest.  However, always keep the instructions in mind so that you get a good grade!

While you do have a minimum requirement (which we will discuss in class), I hope that you will feel inspired and choose to write more. In other words, have fun with it. It’s pretty exciting when you see people coming to your site everyday and adding you to their rss reader.

Using Your WordPress Blog
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