This school year you will be involved in a project that will require you to have an RSS reader. I recommend using Google, but if you have one that you currently use, or have another service in mind, that’s fine. If you have a Yahoo or AOL account then you probably already have a RSS reader there that you can use. However I don’t know how to use those systems, so I won’t be able to offer you much help.

Here are the steps you want to take (based on getting a Google account).

1. Go to Google Reader and sign-up for an account (note that if you already have a GMail account, then you already have Google Reader and don’t need to sign-up again).

2. Watch the short video from Common Craft about Google Reader. If you have more questions go here. There is a ton of good information there.

3. Start searching around the internet for a blog that you can follow. Make sure it is something that is interesting to you. I have about 30 blogs I follow, regarding a variety of topics.

4. Once you have found a blog (or more) that you want to “follow”, click on their RSS button and add them into your Google Reader account.

5. Go to some of your friends blogs and add them to your Google Reader account.

6. Add Lahaise’s Lair to your Google Reader account.

Set-Up A RSS Reader
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