This is something another teacher is doing. I didn’t tell you all about this in class because I felt it would be too overwhelming for you at this point. However, if any of you are interested, here’s the information. It sounds like a fun way to meet other students who are blogging. You might pick-up some tips and tricks. :)

They are on week two, but it isn’t too late to jump in. I looked at the activities and it looks like a really good way to get your blog growing! I really encourage all of you to join in.

About the Student Blogging Challenge

Our last blogging challenge had over 1000 students, from 15 countries, aged 6 to 18 years old, writing posts, commenting and getting to know about each others cultures while improving their blogging skills and connecting to a global audience.
The growth of the students’ blogging skills during each challenge is totally amazing and inspiring; check out these examples of student work.

The Challenge Categories

This time we’ve expanded the challenge into two separate categories; both designed to improved student skills.

Students (or classes) can choose to participate in either or both:

1. Better Bloggers Challenge – emphasis on better blogging, improving your blog design and connecting to a global audience.
2. Better Commenter Challenge – focusing how you write comments, whether you are trying to continue conversations through comments and how to write posts that invite lots of comments.

The reason why we’ve added the comment challenge is commenting is an important part of blogging. It’s often where most learning happens.
Unfortunately educating students on effective commenting practices is hard. We hope to change this while also providing new tasks for students who’ve participated in previous challenges.

What’s Involved

Both the Better Bloggers and Commenters categories will have weekly activities for:

1. Students who have their own blog
2. Students who don’t have their own blog but want to participate through commenting.

These weekly activities are designed to improved your skills. Don’t stress if you miss a week — the tasks are designed so they can be completed later!

To participate you need to:
1. Discuss with your teacher (or students :)
2. Drop past Miss Wyatt’s blog and register your details
3. Keep an eye on Miss Wyatt’s blog for the blogging challenge information and your weekly task

Student Blogging Challenge
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