New Widgets

Date: November 15, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

If you look at your “widgets” page you will notice two new options. BNS Featured Tag and BNS Featured Category. Play around with them, they both offer some interesting options. Hopefully a few of you find them to be a useful addition. :)

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Syllabus Changes

Date: November 11, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

Because life is about learning, growing, and revising based on experiences… I have made some major additions and revisions to each class syllabus. Please take a few minutes to read your class syllabus. While I do not need you to verify that you have read these revisions, please note that you are responsible for knowing…

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Technicalities Are Your Friend

Date: November 9, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

It seems that I have a couple of up-and-coming lawyers. As it was so eloquently pointed out to me, technically you all have a week to turn in a late assignment. And I suppose “technically” submitting which 2 weekly readers you want me to grade is an assignment. So… If you submit your choices by…

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Peer Review Problems

Date: November 8, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

This applies to periods 2 and 6 only (because period 5 took care of business!)… I’ve never experienced so many problems with peer reviews. And the reasons why? 1. So many people turned in late papers (my fault I suppose for telling you that was not allowed). 2. So many people just didn’t do the…

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What Did I Say About The #1 Grade Killer?

Date: November 7, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

It appears that 21 people did not heed the warning that has seemingly become my daily chant, “the number one way students hurt their grade in this class is by not following directions”. Truly it completely baffles my mind! Yes, a full 21 people didn’t bother to follow the very simple instruction about submitting which…

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Things That Will Cause You Problems

Date: November 6, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

I’ve said these things in class. They are written in multiple places. However it seems I need to refresh the memories of more than a few people. 1. If you do not have a source link on your weekly reader blog you automatically lose 50% off the grade. The link needs to be on all…

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Technology Tip

Date: November 5, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

After spending the better part of my mental energy today trying to figure out my laptop password, here is my super tech tip: If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 create a password recovery disk. 1. Go to your Control Panel 2. Click “user accounts” 3. On the left side of the screen…

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New Peer Review Video!

Date: November 3, 2009 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

Okay, it isn’t pretty and polished, but it’s good enough so that you can see what to do. Peer Review Video

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