Monthly Archives: September 2010

Student Survey and Email

I’ve just sent out an e-mail to everyone who filled out the student survey. If you did not receive an e-mail that means you did not fill out the survey, or you put an incorrect e-mail address. MANY people did not complete the survey BTW which is a disappointing start to the new year.

For those of you who didn’t pay attention to instructions and didn’t get this “assignment” completed…you have until midnight Monday, 9/28/10, to get it done. After that it is a zero on your grade.

If you choose to take the zero for a very easy, no-brainer assignment, at least send me your email address. There are many times throughout the year that I e-mail classes and/or students, if I don’t have your address you will miss important information.

Deadline Times

Some times to keep in mind over the next 10 months:

1. Scribe posts are due by 7:30. If there are technical problems, etc. just let me know. In other words don’t freak out about this deadline, but don’t ignore it.

2. I do not check or respond to e-mail after 8pm.

3. When I post homework I will do so by 8pm. If it isn’t there by then, it won’t be there at all.

4. Generally assignments you submit digitally (your blog posts and assignments) are due by 11:59 pm. But be sure and check your calendar for specifics.

5. If you are going to miss class for anything school related you MUST give me one week notice otherwise you may not make-up the missed in class work.

As always, if you need further clarification please just ask.

Blog Registration

When you do register your blog you may name your blog anything you want, but please make sure your site name is your first name and last initial. For example if I had a site it would be Then I could name the site anything. If this doesn’t make sense watch the video(s).