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Many students have asked me about my “online photo” or gravatar. If you want to create your own go to Once you create one it will follow you all over the web. Pretty nifty.

Time Issues

If you post your blog and the time is off. Sign in and from your dashboard go to “settings”, “general” and you can fix the time. It should update your blog immediately.

Number 1 Grade Killer?

Sadly I’m already having issues with students not following simple directions. I set aside this weekend to take care of all the technology related “stuff” that I have to do AFTER your survey and permissions are submitted. There is a lot of work that goes on to get student names in my gradebook and e-mail lists. I had also planned on adding all your blogs to my RSS reader. Okay, I understand about the blogs & missing explanation videos. That’s not a problem.

HOWEVER, more than 1/2 of period two and five have not completed the survey and a good many more students from my other classes have not completed it as well. The only class that at first glance appears complete is period six.

THIS IS A PROBLEM. I cannot do what I need to do until everyone has submitted their documents. Remember, I have given VERY little homework out these past 2 weeks so that this could be handled. I’m rather peeved right now because not only does this mess with my plans it also effects the students who handled business and got their stuff in.

The survey COUNTS as a grade. If you did not complete it by the due date you WILL receive late credit.

Now I cannot update e-mail lists, nor can I start working on the gradebook until next weekend. I had shut down the survey, however I will re-open it. Just be aware that you will receive late credit. And if you don’t fill it out I can’t add you in my gradebook! So please get it done!

Oh, and because I can’t get the e-mail lists together this week it will be even more important to check this site each night for any important announcements.

RSS Feed For The Lair

I’m sorry if there’s any confusion about the RSS reader. Maybe I can do a mini lesson in classes next week. Until then…

If you want to add scribe posts (comments) into your RSS reader copy & paste this into your reader program:

If you want to add my site posts into your RSS reader you can just copy and paste this into your add subscription area:

Blog Registration

STUDENTS…PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are not going to watch the video showing you how to register your blog…remember your username is your first name and the first initial of your last name. If for some reason that username is taken then add the second initial of your last name.

So if I were to register my username would be paigel

Hopefully that’s clear, and again why you need to follow my “checklist” below in the order I’ve written it.

Welcome Back 2011-2012

I’m excited about the upcoming year, as I hope all of you are as well. I know it’s going to be an excellent year!

While I generally like to produce original material I recently came across this poem from a teacher to her students. Really and truly it says everything!

My Wish for You

by Michelle Te Grootenhuis

I wish…

That you wake up and look forward to school,
that some days you even LOVE going to school,
that you never dread going to school.
That every day we LAUGH OUT LOUD together.
That every day we enjoy music and DANCE.
That you feel safe.
That every day you have something GOOD to say
when your parent asks, “How was school today?”

I wish…

That you can tell I care about you
You might FEEL angry at me sometimes,
like you feel angry with your parents sometimes,
but I want you to KNOW that I sincerely care,
all the time, no  matter what.

I wish…

That you set an example of kindness for those both younger and older than you.
That you are kinder than necessary because you understand
that you can’t possibly know everything each person is going through.

I wish…

That you enjoy learning.
That you think of things in ways you never have before,
That you realize you are part of a GLOBAL community,
That you responsibly contribute.

I wish…

That you see how your writing can make a difference.
That you understand the practice we do,
That you find purpose in our audiences,
That you receive real responses.
That you write something of which you can feel proud.

I wish…

That you absolutely fall in love with reading
that you continue to love it if you already do,
that together we find “The Book” that gets you hooked this year if you don’t.
I can’t say this enough,
I wish for you all to discover the POWER of reading and writing.
I wish…
that this year you contribute to making this world a better place for everyone.
I wish…
that this year I make all of this possible for you.

E-mail Snafu

I apologize to all new students who have sent me e-mail via my LAUSD e-mail address. I didn’t realize until tonight that they were not being forwarded properly. My error. I’m responding as quickly as possible and am sorry for any inconvenience.