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To Incoming Students

For those of you thinking about taking advanced comp, or those who have been programmed into my one of my other classes, one of my graduating seniors wrote this about my class. I think it pretty much sums everything up very well:


~Major things you do In Ms. Lahaise’s class: (not in any order)~

1. Scribe posts: basically you’re assigned to be “the scribe” twice in each semester. You take notes in what we did in the class that day, what happened, any important news, etc., and then you’d post it in Lahaise’s lair later that day when you get home. This is for anyone who was absent so that they know what they missed and also for anyone that just wants a re-cap of the day.

2. Blogs: Blogs!! Another really fun assignment! Now, sometimes they can be a bit stressful because you’re sitting there in front of your computer thinking “OK, what am I supposed to write now?” But I think many times, students ignore the fact that Ms. Lahaise has given us topics to write about: quotes, pictures, articles, poems, etc., but let’s rewind a bit. I want to say this again: WE ARE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO WRITE OUR OWN BLOGS. How many teachers have blogs as an assignment? None. This is one of the many reasons why I find this class to be so unique. Most teachers would just give a writing assignment on something that really doesn’t interest the students. Ms. Lahaise isn’t like that- she wants us to go out there and look for something that interests us! So please, to the future Lahaise students, take advantage of this opportunity.

3. Vocabulary tests: 15 sat words are given to you where you have a quiz every Tuesday.

4. T.E.D.: T.E.D. stands for technology, entertainment, and design. Ted talks are when someone important is invited to speak to an open audience about anything that’s occurring around the world, anything entertaining, new discoveries, and everything else you can think of. After watching a ted, we write a journal topic about what we watched making sure to include purpose, reason, and how the speaker presented.

5. SSR- silent sustained reading- Ms. Lahaise usually gives us 30 minutes to read any book we want.

6. Book talks: book talks are like book reports except you actually have to sell your book to the class and persuade everyone as to why they should or should not read your book. Two book talks are done each semester.

7. Claim and proof: this is a real biggie in this class. Whether you’re writing a journal, blog, essay or presenting your novel, never forget claim and proof. Claim and proof is when you cannot just say, for example, “ms Lahaise is a great teacher.” If I were to write this she would probably ask how or why. That’s when I would bring in my proof and say “well, she makes learning fun by showing teds, letting us work in groups and is open to new ideas”. With that bring said, your proof would be the straight up facts.


DO’S and DON’T’s:

  1. DON’T assume this class is easy because it’s not. If you don’t do the work don’t expect Ms. Lahaise to give any freebees. Instead, turn in everything on time and try your best.
  2. DO ask questions, even if Ms. Lahaise seems intimidating at first.
  3. DON’T…Oh my goodness…DO NOT make Ms. Lahaise repeat things. She absouluty hates when she has to repeat things five times due to those students who weren’t listening the first time or just didn’t look at the scribe post (which ill later explain what that is).
  4. DO participate in class discussions. Take it from someone who didn’t really follow along with this tip, because it can deeply impact your grade. Plus, you don’t want to show Ms. Lahaise that you don’t care and have no opinion (not that I didn’t).
  5. Do: take everything in her class seriously- whether its vocabulary quizzes, scribe posts, blogs, journals, lot circles, or anything else that’s assigned.
  6.  Don’t: come to ms Lahaise the last week of school because your failing or almost failing, begging her to raise your grade. She just won’t have it.

Honestly, you’re even lucky to be in a class that relates to today’s modern world ways (since it’s a technology based class). So be thankful for this. Stay on Mrs. Lahaise’s good side, excel in work habits, and everything will be A okay!