Google Tips

Date: September 18, 2015 Author: admin Categories: Tech, tips/tricks

Here’s a great article from Google with 55 awesome tips for students. Check it out, you might learn some cool tricks.

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What Kind of Learner Are You?

Date: September 9, 2015 Author: admin Categories: tips/tricks

We all have different ways we learn best. For example, I am not an auditory learner. If you give me directions, without writing them down, I am completely lost. Why does this matter? It can help you immensely if you identify what kind of learner you are, so then you can study effectively, rather than…

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8th Grade To Do List

Date: September 1, 2015 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

This post applies to PER 6, 8th grade students. Here’s a check list of things that you need to do over the next few days. Please have everything done by 9/9/15: 1. Read, print and sign the Academic (dis)Honesty Agreement. Please return ONLY the bottom portion. 2. Read the syllabus for your class (see tabs above). Digitally sign,…

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