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Writing Tips

I’ve been following Daily Writing Tips for awhile now and wanted to share it because there are some fantastic tips for writing, grammar, etc.  A couple of the most recent posts are especially relevant to all of you (my students):

Five Sentences That Should Save The Best Until Last

30 Synonyms For Meeting

There is a nice feature with this blog that allows you to have the posts e-mailed everyday to your inbox.

Super Examples

I wanted to share with everyone two really amazing examples of students who have only this week walked into my classroom and have already shown what they are made of.

If you want to see what an amazing scribe post looks like read Samantha’s 8/17 scribe. This is a girl who’s never done this before! Wow!! Talk about HEnglish level stuff! BTW, she even read the other period’s scribe posts in preparation!!

Another WOW student is Mark P. Without any direction from me he already has a fantastic blog, Cool Kids Chat, up and running. He has his first blog post, and a myriad of other good things. His blog is exactly what I envisioned when I began this project four years ago! Be sure and give him the kudos he deserves.


Finding E-Books



Whether you are continuing on in high school, going on to college, or whatever else you have planned, reading should never stop.  If you use an e-reader (the kind is inconsequential) your life will be that much easier. has a nice collection of sites where you can find books for free. Ten Way to Find Free Texbooks Online. But be sure to scroll down to the bottom and click on the other links to find more free book sites.

TEDxTeen Talks

I’ve been watching a bunch of TED’s, and while the TEDxTeen talks are good, I am not sure they are right to show in class. However, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. I encourage you to go to YouTube and explore more.

Natalie Warne

Tavi Gevinson

Sujay Tyle

Zander Srodes

Sejal Hathi


BTW you might want to check out the new TEDEducation site on YouTube. There are some cool videos there. Not all of them fit in the TED format, but still worth your time.


I accidentally came across a very nifty site that I think you will all like. I’m linking you to the English portion of the site, but there are many other sections I think you will find useful. Just click on the logo and you will be directed there.

Tech Tip Friday

Recently I’ve had a great many students ask me about using PowerPoint for their presentations. While PowerPoint (or something similar) is okay in a pinch, why not explore something new and a tad more interesting? Here are just a few things (I have loads more) you might want to look into.

Use Stupeflix to mix photos, video and music into your own creative video.



One True Media is similar to Stupeflix.




Prezi is an excellent alternative to a boring Powerpoint.




Want a really fun way to gather some information and opinions? Check out aMap.



One last tip that I know many of you already know about…

When you want to perform a search you don’t have to go to Google or Yahoo (or whatever search engine you have set as a default). Simple type your search query into the address bar of your browser. It works with all browsers and saves you a step or two.

Check-out more tools and tips in my

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