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More Blogging Tips

A blogger/educator that I follow is Richard Byrne. He has great tips about everything, but I think his 11 Things You Should Know About Blogging post is highly relevant to all of my students. You are all bloggers now, and while in the future I’ll share this at the beginning of the year, it’s never too late to refresh, remind and renew one’s commitment to their blog. Oh, and the “niche” that he refers to…remember “your sentence”?

Print Friendly Button

See that cute little print button that’s now at the bottom of each post ↓. That’s a cool little print and/or e-mail feature. Try it. Go ahead and click it. I dare you. Okay…silly, but might come in handy. I’ve enabled it sitewide so that if you want the feature on your blog you can have it too.

Grammar? WhatT???

Right, in 11th and 12th grades we don’t usually go over grammar (or spelling)… very often. However there are a few words that tend to elude (or is it allude???) most people. With that in mind I highly recommend you visit the following links and add the topics into your RSS readers (because I know you were all diligent in setting one up!)

Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid #1

Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid #2

And speaking (well, actually writing) of grammar & spelling…

I came across this post tonight about jailbreaking iOS 5. Extra credit for the first FIVE people who send back a COMPLETELY & PROPERLY (non-italic words) corrected version to me.