Adding Photos To Your Blog Posts

Over the last several days I’ve been going over your blog assignment and what I expect from you. As we’ve discussed one thing that makes a post better is to include a picture. Especially if you are writing your post about a picture. However, just like text can be copyright protected, so can images.

When you include an image there are a couple of things to consider and include. First you must determine if the image you want to use has a copyright protection. Then, if it does not, you can include the image in your post but you must cite it correctly.

Please read this article The Honor Code of a Noble Blogger: How to cite pictures. Follow the steps she’s laid out and pay particular attention to how she cites the images (look at what she did under each of the images and follow that format). That is exactly what I will be looking for when you include an image in your blog. She provides several examples but they are all essentially the same format.

Please take head and make sure you cite your images correctly. If you do not it is the same as stealing and plagiarizing and will earn that blog post a zero.


This is a post with an example of what not to do.

This is a post with an example of what you SHOULD do.


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Super Examples

I wanted to share with everyone two really amazing examples of students who have only this week walked into my classroom and have already shown what they are made of.

If you want to see what an amazing scribe post looks like read Samantha’s 8/17 scribe. This is a girl who’s never done this before! Wow!! Talk about HEnglish level stuff! BTW, she even read the other period’s scribe posts in preparation!!

Another WOW student is Mark P. Without any direction from me he already has a fantastic blog, Cool Kids Chat, up and running. He has his first blog post, and a myriad of other good things. His blog is exactly what I envisioned when I began this project four years ago! Be sure and give him the kudos he deserves.



More Blogging Tips

A blogger/educator that I follow is Richard Byrne. He has great tips about everything, but I think his 11 Things You Should Know About Blogging post is highly relevant to all of my students. You are all bloggers now, and while in the future I’ll share this at the beginning of the year, it’s never too late to refresh, remind and renew one’s commitment to their blog. Oh, and the “niche” that he refers to…remember “your sentence”?

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Exceptional WR Posts

Here are examples of superb weekly reader assingments:

Andrew’s Blog

Bee’s Buzz

Hey Valerie


I Started This Blog…

Tommy’s Blog

Lianne’s Blog

How The World Would Be…

Bradical (this is very exceptional!)

The Trench (good job giving your opinion!)

There are others that could be added to this list (hey I’ll get you next time). However, unfortunately, there are too many that cannot be added to this list. Too many of the other posts are very short (remember you are in an Advanced, AP or Honors level class), far too short to contain enough evidence of thought for your class level.

I encourage you to spend a bit of time looking at these great examples.