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Subscription Feature

I know many of you don’t check your e-mail regularly, but for those who do, I’ve added a feature whereby you can get posts delivered to your e-mail inbox. If you want to activate this the sign up is over there on the right side. See it. It’s right there.



I’ve recieved many questions regarding grade percentages. I’ve mentioned this over and over…

Because your grade is weighted by category, your overall grade is meaningless until all the categories are accounted for. I post grades online simply so you can see individual scores. Don’t focus on the overall grade just yet.

Student Absences

I’ve added a calendar for students who give me notice that they are going to be out a week in advance. This way you can be sure if you’ve notified me or not by checking to make sure your name has been added. This should be more efficient than my previous little scraps of paper. :-)

Print Friendly Button

See that cute little print button that’s now at the bottom of each post ↓. That’s a cool little print and/or e-mail feature. Try it. Go ahead and click it. I dare you. Okay…silly, but might come in handy. I’ve enabled it sitewide so that if you want the feature on your blog you can have it too.

Calendar View

I was alerted today to a “glitch” when trying to view homework on the calendar. Sometimes it may get cut off when you click the “more details”. The way around that is to click on the “agenda” view and then everything should show up properly.

New Login Option and Grade Site Info

1. I’ve added a feature that will allow you to login to your site using the e-mail address that is associated with your account. So if you forget your username simply use your e-mail address and your password. Hopefully some of you will find it useful.

2. When you go to Jupitergrades for the first time you need to use your ID and password that I gave you in class (the ID is the one on your ID card from school). When it asks for the school use: soces. All lowercase, no periods. The city is reseda, tarzana or los angeles (I’m not sure which one). Hopefully this clears things up and I’ll stop being flooded with e-mails. :)