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Exceptional WR Posts

Here are examples of superb weekly reader assingments:

Andrew’s Blog

Bee’s Buzz

Hey Valerie


I Started This Blog…

Tommy’s Blog

Lianne’s Blog

How The World Would Be…

Bradical (this is very exceptional!)

The Trench (good job giving your opinion!)

There are others that could be added to this list (hey I’ll get you next time). However, unfortunately, there are too many that cannot be added to this list. Too many of the other posts are very short (remember you are in an Advanced, AP or Honors level class), far too short to contain enough evidence of thought for your class level.

I encourage you to spend a bit of time looking at these great examples.

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Weekly Reader Tag or Category

In order for me to differentiate your weekly reader posts I need you to to either tag your post as “weekly reader” or categorize your post as “weekly reader”. You can do either or both, it is your choice.

Also, I would appreciate it if you would add a widget to your sidebar showing your tags or categories (depending on which you use to identify the weekly reader).

Tomorrow I am going to do a video showing you how to do all of this. However, if you can figure it out now, go for it.

I have some examples on what I am calling my example site.