Know How Important Your Time can be

Ever wonder how much time is really worth? The use of your time spent depends on what you want more of such as more wealth, better relationship, and more freedom. People spend there time on working careers so that they can gain more wealth and with that wealth more freedom. People invest there time into building a more stronger relationship. In order to have such things you need to manage your time because it can not be done all at once. The article I have read explains “what your time is worth and use that information to spend your time more effectively” written by James Clear. Ever hear the saying time is money , well what James claims in his article is sort of the same. You can either work to be getting cash right away or be working on some sort of project so that you can earn lots of money when done. You should always use your time wisely. Everyones hours and time is value. “ The time v.s money dilemma” is what James refers this as. To manage this you need to calculate you time on the amount of money earned during your time and the amount of money you spend during time. Then James helps you on how to track your time. Afterwards he wants to help you understand the way of tracking the money you earn, then calculate the values of your time like how much money earn in a amount of time for example how much money you gained in the past hours. Then uses “Market Rate Method” and “Cost-Based Method” to mange the money in checks and balances. Do not waste the time if you earning little and wasting time on something not worth it. Your information should be your key to managing your time with money, ad freedom. Start thinking wisely on what you want to do with your time , like  do something that will pay off soon so that you don’t have to worry about being stable enough. Use what james calls the “The Growth Multiple Method’ in which you check your earnings from the previous years and see what you can do to improve and grow.

James clear has spoken very intelligently in his was of spending time and how you can be very smart in the way. His methods are very good in the way of the wasting the time you have when you can use to to work on something big that would give you well paid. Do work that will soon pay off and you would not regret it. I have to agree on this one because me at a young age is told to get good grades and stay in school so that I can get a good career and it would pay off. I plan to travel and have fun when im older, and by doing so I will listen to this mans methods because they are very rates on money. And how you can manage your time when it comes to gaining cash. What method really stander out to me was when James wrote “ The time v.s money dilemma” that method states on how to spend your money wisely so that you can have more time or how to spend time wisely on good earnings. You understand that every hour matters and everybody’s hour is value. And at a young age I can relate because school should go first so that it pays off later on. My time should be used on working to be a good student then be reward with having fun with friends and family. What James spoke of really entered my mind and had me thinking more about the use of my time and you should too. For more information read the article yourself and you would see the value of time.

Learning on How to Aim for Life Perfection

I read an article “20 Ways to Strive for Excellence in Life” , by Eva Lantsoght and she speaks on the 20 tips we need in life in order to succeed. Eva claims that the majority of us have hard times struggling with the work and complicated things. She claims that her 20 tips lead you to excellence, and get you through those tuff times in which you are able to continue on with life.  By doing so Eva claims that you must “Identify your values, stand up for a cause, truly listen, feel your emotions, be a cycle, meditate, journal, define your limiting belief, practice gratitude, smile, show compassion, learn from your dreams, teach, face your demons, take up a difficult task, celebrate your body, honor your intellect , forgive, focus on being not on having, and ask your self everyday : did i give the very best of myself to the world?” Eva claims this the best way to have greatness in life.

People today struggle with lots of problems with there families and work, if this is the key to succeeding through the issues that I want to start seeing the way Eva sees these tips.  In this world many try new techniques on how to avoid the stressing and struggles that life has you go through.  When you feel like giving up, you just have to remember what that matters to you got you this far. You have to gain more knowledge and wisdom so that it can be used for future issues an problems. More people in the world need to smile and gives smiles so that you and others can have the feeling of happiness , but mainly for the reason of thinking positive. You dream big and those dreams symbolize the connections to the real world.  I seem to understand that Eva is trying to say that we need growth mind sets in order to see mistakes as opportunities,   you must seek for what motivates you to continue through the hard times, the failures, the journeys, the feeling of giving up, and use that as a source of power.  If i was asked to follow the the tips that Eva is providing why not they seem pretty wise to follow. They are all really good and understandable to why they would get lead you to greatness in life so you can reject all the problems and issues. This is the key to any of your stressful problems or issue that will comes up during your life time. The tips given are for being able to be “Living a life of excellence” not so that you can be the best and be a perfect person.  Reading  all 20 ways guideline to a great life has me considering the methods in order to live my purpose in life and share what I have learned to others.

Learning new methods to “life excellence” from reading this article is very effective to me because Ive considered it.  The generation I live in is based on judging others when they make a mistake or because of the way they look and dress and I think that should stop. We are all human beings and the majority of use are seeking for the glorious life success and Eva provided one for us all to prevent the problems from stopping us and slowing use down because it gives feelings of wanting to quit or give up. Human race needs to Identify what has us going on whats important to us whats the reason for us fighting. Hold and treasure this knowledge and key throughout tuff times because it is a way to live threw out and a way to make a difference.