Are aliens watching us?

Have you ever wondered if we share the galaxy or Earth with other creatures from space? I have many times. I’ve had many conversations with people about aliens. People have said to believe that aliens exist, others have disagreed and said that aliens don’t exist. I think that aliens do exist.

One reason is because the government or NASA always cover things up. Some people say that there are MIB (Men In Black). According to this video on youtube that i found, it says that MIB are people from the government that go to people that have seen sighting of aliens. I believe this because when you hear about a UFO spotted and people have a video, they say it was a missile launch. The same video mentions this interview they did on a family physician, Dr.  Herbert Hopkins. The Dr. says that he was studying a UFO case in 1976. Someone called and said they were from a UFO association and asked if he could go to his house to talk about the UFO case. The DR. said yes and he went to the stairs and turned on the lights and the guy was already going up the stairs. How DR. Herbert described him was as that he had black pants, black suit, white shirt, black socks, black shoes, and a black tie. They started talking about the case and this man suddenly told him that he destroys the evidence. The guy who made this video has a point on saying that the people who have the best chance on seeing a UFO or aliens are astronauts. The astronauts can’t say anything if they see an alien. This one astronaut named edward white said they were passing over Hawaii and he saw a metallic looking object. He took pictures and a video but they couldn’t see what he could see. I believe these stories are true because the government would do anything to keep it away from people. I think they feel like if people found these videos people would be afraid because we are being watched or something like that.

The next reason why i think this is because many people have seen lights in the skies. This might not seem believable and people could make these stories up, but this sighting is believable. This event was on January 8th, 2008, it happened in a small town in Texas called Stephenville. According to this article, people started reporting seeing bright lights at 6:25 to 7:30 pm. Many people were saying different things. In the article, it says that people said to see the lights moving slowly, the lights were a military aircraft, and people were saying that they stopped and then went at 3,000 MPH. James Mcgaha investigated this and he asked the The FFA said the four aircrafts went out at the time of the sightings. As i said earlier, the government lies to people, and in this case the military lied to people. I saw in this other article, it says “At first, local air force bases denied having crafts flying in the area at the time, though many witnesses reported seeing military aircraft chasing after the lights. On January 23, it changed its tune, saying it had been conducting training flights in the Stephenville area that involved 10 fighter jets at the time.” this goes to show that they lied because first they said that they didn’t have air crafts flying and then they said they had training flights.

The final reason why i believe in aliens is because of the mysterious lights in phoenix. This is my favorite story about aliens. It was March 13,1997. Many people in phoenix were saying that they spotted mysterious lights. In this article, People thought it was something fascinating and that aliens were making contact with the world. People around the world heard about this. People in hollywood hear about this, they made a film about it a couple months ago. It was about 3 kids that lived in Phoenix and went to explore the lights themselves. Then things started to get weird and they were never seen again. I believe this real because things like this just doesn’t happen. In this other article, it says that Fife Symington was a governor in Arizona. He made a press conference about this. He claims to have seen these mysterious lights as well. Why would he come out and say that he saw them? He wasn’t a governor no more, and that’s why i think he came out to say this. He also says that he was a pilot and that he had never seen something like that. Which goes to prove that this is real.

These are the mysterious lights over Phoenix.

In conclusion, i believe in Aliens. One reason is because the government and NASA lie about these things, astronauts can’t come out and say that they’ve seen aliens, and they don’t want people to panic. The second reason is because the military says that it was one of the aircrafts flying across or training. The final reason is because how could that many people say they saw those lights and it was something they’ve never seen before. So aliens are real to me, and i think they’re watching us.

how much fluids do we make a year?

You might not always wonder how much poop we release from our bodies, or how much inches of nails we grow a year. I usually don’t either, but each year we release a lot of amount of fluids and grow a lot of inches in hair and nails. According to the video, how much hair, sweat, pee and poop do our bodies release?, we grow out only 6 inches of hair a year. I think that’s too little that we grow out, i think i grow out a bit more than 6 inches. People who donate hair probably know how many inches they’ve grown in a year. According to the video, we grow out 1.5 inches of nails in a whole year. Again, i have to disagree because i feel like i grow way more than 1.5 inches, it isn’t much more than 2.5 inches that i think i grow. According to the video, the amount of dead skin we leave behind is the same amount a human head weighs, 8.8 pounds. Thats a lot of dead skin! I don’t really notice this, well i’m pretty sure no one notices. The amount of times we’ve cried, all those tears add up. According to the video, the tears add up to 22 gallons a year. I disagree with this, i feel like 22 gallons is too much. The amount of sweat we release from our body in a year is a lot. According to the video, we release 60 gallons of sweat a year. I agree with the amount of sweat we release, for me i think i release a lot of sweat. When i exercise a lot i release a lot of sweat. You wouldn’t believe how much saliva we produce in one year. According to the video, we produce a total of 96 gallons of saliva. That is a lot, i don’t know how much i produce. I doubt anyone does. Everyone has to pee at least 10 times a day. The amount of pee we let out is reasonable. According to the video, we make 133 gallons of pee. That is a lot of pee. I think some people might pee a little more. For the final one, you’ll be surprised, yes it’s the poop. According to the video, we release 360 pounds of poop in a year. It’s so much of it, i don’t know what to think. A person usually poops once a day. People should be going to the restroom at least 11 times. I go way less times to the restroom, i think i go about 7 times to the restroom.