Linguistic Profiling

With all the racism and discrimination going on in the world, I just wonder when it will all finally come to an end. Because of the color of their skin, where they come from, and many more absurd reasons, many innocent lives are being killed in a dangerously fast pace and it in result are causing the riots, white supremacists acts, and other racial actions to increase making America look at it’s worst.

Racism, colorism, reverse-racism, and more are different types of racial profiling. Another one in particular is Linguistic Profiling, the analysis of a person’s speech or writing, especially to assist in identifying or characterizing an individual or particular subgroup. According to an article by Patricia Rice in the beginning it states , “ Many Americans can guess a caller’s ethnic background from their first hello on the telephone. However, the inventor of the term “linguistic profiling” has found in a current study that when a voice sounds African-American or Mexican-American, racial discrimination may follow.” The inventor of the term is a man name John Baugh, a professor in Arts and Sciences and also studied in linguistic profiling. According to the article, in the first two years of his linguistic profile study, he says it is being used so much to the point where it can affect the person simply trying to get a house or job. Different phone companies instruct their phone providers to avoid all face-to-face appointments for job interviews or viewing of houses/apartments when they think they are talking to anyone that sounds black or Latino according to Baugh’s studies.(information mentioned in same link above). The unfortunate part is that when the people actually  make a complaint about being linguistically profiled to the companies, they play clueless of the situation and deny of any linguistic profiling occurring knowing their company can be at risk if accusations like that are being made about their company. So at the end of the day, companies like these and many other cruel people are getting away with these foolish actions that need to dealt with.

The reason I decided to take in this article is because it saddens me how the black, Latino and other foreign every day are being put through this type of racial discrimination and are being hurt both physically and mentally for being who they are. It’s even to the point where they can’t even find a simple job or home for themselves without being racially profiled, or in this case linguistically profiled. All they are doing is trying to do live their everyday lives and not cause any trouble, and also to others try to provide for their families. Being Latino myself it hurts me seeing all these videos online and on the news of these people verbally attacking the Mexicans for simply talking Spanish. And for the blacks being killed every day for being accused of things they are stereotypically meant to do when they are not doing it. I believe one day all this racism and discrimination will come to end. All we can do for now is fight for our rights and fight for freedom.