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How to be a better you!
Posted on September 5th, 2017 at 6:23 am by christelp and

  Confidence is one of the most powerful feelings a human being can have. It determines so many things but one of the most important things it does is that it defines you. That is why I’ve chosen an article about confidence and how to build it up which is: 7 Unconventional Ways to Build Your Confidence .These various ways can help anyone out in the long run.

 This encouraging article lists several things you can do to increase the confidence you have in yourself; the first one being to be bold and take risks because you’ll never know where facing your fears can take you. The second way is to never let the amount of times you’ve failed stop you but to instead use them as a little push to keep on trying but even harder. The third way is to accept the fact you can’t be right all the time and be ok with it so that it helps you move on in life. The fourth way is to be a kind person and compliment others especially when they deserve it; overall it helps kill negativity and instead spread positive vibes. The fifth way is to lift yourself up even at your worst because there are many opportunities ahead, you just have to focus on achieving them. The sixth way is to not let anyone’s opinions influence your own mentality; don’t seek validation from nobody else but yourself. The seventh and final way to build up your confidence is to begin these steps immediately, what are you waiting for?

 I find that all these various ways to build up one’s confidence would certainly work if dedication is inputted. The outcome of that effort would be a more positive and new you. Who wouldn’t want happiness to be surrounding them 24/7 like a guardian angel? The reason one would be so happy with themselves would be because they’re not busy worried and anxious about mistakes and things they find embarrassing but instead prideful in who they are and whatever they do. Confidence is key to being the best you can be and everyone needs that in their lives.

 This article has already helped me to know what to do in order to help myself and others. One example of how building our confidence can help us in almost everything we do has to do with the concept of forgive and forget. In my own personal experience if you’re stubborn and choose to focus on the negativity in your past you’re only stopping yourself from achieving greatness. Losing that confidence you have in yourself breaks you down and leaves you feeling hopeless and insecure which do nothing other than hurt you. That is why confidence is so damn important; it steps in and tells you to move on because you are worth so much and you owe it to yourself to continue on with your amazing life and better your amazing self day by day.

 Confidence to me fits into almost everything because it’s motivation, reassurance, and certainty in everything you choose to do as long as you’re happy. Choose to be confident and give that example to others so that they don’t feel they need to be someone else other than their perfect selves to feel accepted. It’s sad that many of us change to feel some type of way close to happiness. You can be part of the change if you decide you can do it. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself and smile because you deserve to be happy. Continue being confident in what you believe in because when it comes down to it only you can choose to be happy for yourself so please do me the favor and be happy. <3