Linguistic Profiling

“Linguistic profiling was used to deny him an opportunity to seek better housing in the neighborhood where he lived”. The Black Commenter

Linguistic Profiling. Many people can deny you services of anything when they hear your accent on the phone. What does this mean? Linguistic profiling is, “the analysis of a person’s speech or writing, especially to assist in identifying or characterizing an individual or particular subgroup” (Oxford dictionary). A current research has identified that when someone hears a accent that is not English, racial discrimination is seen. This is really interesting because nowadays there is so much racial discrimination there are new ways it is seen. Patrice Rice’s article, “Linguistic profiling: The sound of your voice may determine if you get that apartment or not” states that, “In studying this phenomenon through hundreds of test phone calls, John Baugh, Ph.D., the Margaret Bush Wilson Professor and director of African and African American Studies in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has found that many people made racist, snap judgments about callers with diverse dialects”. So it’s most likely that if you’re Mexican, and your accent is heard through the phone you’re most likely not going to get the service you need. This is really sad because humanity as a whole is diverse; everyone comes from different backgrounds, different religions and as you can see, humanity is, just not accepting this.

I believe that being neglected because of your accent is really foolish . Many people neglect your services because you’re Mexican, or African-American and they don’t fully trust you. Many people give up on the American Dream because they want to do something, or have something and they can’t cherish it. People stereotype them because of the accent they hear, and they say “ oh this person is foreign, we can’t trust them because they’re not American”. The Earth is unique, everyone is unique. So why can’t people accept others from different backgrounds? Stereotyping is really common among society coming from a person’s perception, humanity might classify Mexicans, as “ brown people who don’t have manners and lick their fingers when they’re eating”. This a clear example of how humanity views Mexicans. According to Patrice Rice’s article, “Linguistic profiling: The sound of your voice may determine if you get that apartment or not” claims that, “Some companies instruct their phone clerks to brush aside any chance of a face-to-face appointment to view a sales property or interview for a job based on the sound of a caller’s voice. Other employees routinely write their guess about a caller’s race on company phone message slips”. As seen, people don’t give others a shot at something, if they’re not American.

How can we prove linguistic profiling leads to racial discrimination? Patrice Rice’s article, “Linguistic profiling: The sound of your voice may determine if you get that apartment or not” explains that “Baugh has found that this kind of profiling is a skill that too often is used to discriminate and diminish the caller’s chance at the American dream of a house or equal opportunity in the job market”. Like I said before, humanity can’t accept the fact that everybody is different in appearance and background. This is frustrating because people don’t get jobs or important positions because of their ethnicity.

Wrapping this up, I believe humanity should accept the fact that everybody is human and unique. Everybody is different, and that makes a person cool. People shouldn’t stereotype or classify people based off their accent or ethnicity. We are unique colors that connect us all.

Why Is Reading Good For You ?

Books. If you were to ask someone, “ Do you read everyday or twice a week?” They’ll probably give you this look that translates, “ I don’t have time to read?”or “Reading is not my thing”. Almost every single time someone gives this excuse as a way to put a barrier between them and the knowledge of books. But the truth is, we need to read. Why? We need to read in order for our mentally to exceed, and establish high critical thinking skills for our brains to process. Besides, reading is fun; if you chose the right books.

According to, article, “10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Everyday” by Lana Winter-Hébert, states that, “Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power”. As you can see, reading has many benefits, including the fact that it slows down mental diseases by retaining your brain vigorously. Reading, also reliefs you from stress, Lana’s article states that, “A well-written novel can transport you to other realms, while an engaging article will distract you and keep you in the present moment, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax”. Reading a book that keeps your brain interested and engaged allows you to relax for a moment. Furthermore, I encourage you all to pick up a book and at least read a chapter or two.

Reading has many benefits, as you have seen, so pick up a book and read because it actually helps you.