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McDonald vs Burger King

Posted by danielco | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 20-09-2017


McDonald’s and Burger King these are two really big franchises that have been competing for years. These two big companies are both fast food restaurants that are really popular in America and other parts of the world. People constantly are saying that McDonald’s is better than Burger King. And other people say that Burger King is better than McDonald’s. Both of these fast food restaurants have been in business for about 50 years. McDonald’s is a bigger franchise than Burger King, McDonald’s is in more places around the world and Burger King has a smaller franchise around the world. McDonald’s has more variety in food than Burger King. McDonald’s Burgers are less fat than Burger King’s burgers by 3 gm. of fat. But when it comes to service Burger King has a better service than McDonald’s. When you get food at Burger King they bring your food faster than McDonald’s. When it comes to the food McDonald’s serves, for example the fries they give it more expensive than Burger King. McDonald’s gives their fries for $1.99 for 154 grams and Burger King sells their fries for $1.89 and it is 190 grams. Although, McDonald’s fries have 350 milligrams of sodium and Burger King has 710 milligrams of sodium in their fries. In Burger King’s fries their fries are longer and they add more potato to the fries, which make the texture of the fries better and tastier. When it comes to burgers one of McDonald’s best burger they have is the Big Mac which has about 530 calories which 240 of it comes from fat and Burger King’s famous bacon double cheese burger has about 390 calories which 190 of it is fat. This means that Burger King’s burgers are healthier than McDonald’s burgers. About 550 million of McDonald’s sandwiches are sold every year and their french fries they sell about 9 million pounds of McDonald’s fries every year. McDonald’s also one of the biggest global reach of all fast food giants. While Burger King has about 15.000 locations worldwide in 98 countries. Burger King serves about 11 million people per day and it also employs about 32,000 people. McDonald’s is in over 100 countries serving about 69 million people daily. McDonald’s is the biggest buyer of pork, beef, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes in the world. McDonald’s also sells about 1 million cups of coffee every year. McDonald’s restaurants in 2014 in the U.S grossed about 2.6 million dollars and Burger King grossed about 1.6 million dollars that year. When it comes to Chicken Nuggets Burger King’s texture is better than McDonald’s chicken nuggets. When it comes to calories they both have the same amount of calories, in sodium Burger King’s nuggets have 890 mg and McDonald’s nuggets have about 900 mg of sodium. When it comes to carbs Burger King’s nuggets have 34 g and McDonald’s nuggets have only 30 g. And lastly from protein Burger King’s nuggets have 21 g of protein and McDonald’s nuggets have 22 g of protein. McDonald’s overall is a bigger franchise and their sales are way bigger than Burger King’s sales. People usually go more often to a McDonald than a Burger King. But Burger King overall has healthier fast food than McDonald’s fast food.




Do Positive People Live Longer?

Posted by danielco | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 05-09-2017


People say that if you think positive and act positively you will live longer. Scientists have proved that positive people live longer than negative people. Scientists tested plenty of people around the world. Scientists will say that if you were positive thinking you would have less mucous. If you were negative at all times you would get more mucous than usual. Some scientists even say that you would live longer if you were a positive person than if you were a negative person. I think that if you are anxious or if you were depressed all the time you would live less because of it would be bad for your health. I think if you were happy, excited and laugh a lot more than you would have a chance of living longer because it would be good for your health. I think that if a person is happy all the time or most of the time than they dont get stressed out which means that they dont loose as much energy throughout the day. I also think that if you are anxious and angry all the time your head would start to hurt and it will cause headaches so u have less energy throughout the day. Scientists say that stress can cause heart diseases and the body would start to age faster because of the body working too fast. Positive people usually don’t have stress or have anger issues or they don’t worry too much about other things. The best way to stay positive is trying not to complain or whine as much as possible so that you stay healthy. People live longer because they don’t really complain, stay anxious or have anger issues so the brain doesn’t really get damaged. Staying negative all the time will increase your chances of getting a heart disease and live less.





Hello world!

Posted by danielco | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 31-08-2017


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