Social Media’s Impact On Society!

Today, I read a very compelling article talking about how social media impacts society, and how negatively it can affect each and every one of us.  It shares the negative impacts that social media can have on us and it gave many examples to back this up. I actually found all their examples to be quite true because of personal experience and all their compelling evidence. Some of these examples being that social media can cause anxiety, depression, and obsessive – compulsive disorder. I find this really sad because these are more often than not caused by tragic moments or loving something to much. I really hope that these outcomes improve and hopefully go away. Another example provided by this compelling article that yet again shows how social media impacts on society would be our mental and emotional health. In my opinion, I think social media affects emotional health a lot more than mental. I say this as we as people care a lot more about how others view us rather than how we view ourselves. Because of this, you will end up with depression and social anxiety if you chose to care more about how others view you rather than how you view yourself. I believe this because the article does give adequate information that helps my view with this along with personal experiences. However, caring more on how others view us rather than caring more about how we view ourselves is no laughing matter. That is something that is very harmful to ourselves  and will become a lot more worse in the long run!

Some other examples that this article gives on how social media affects society would be the addiction that comes with it. This usually affects teenagers the most, however it is starting to affect the older people as they are starting to utilize social media a lot more to stay in touch with their relatives. Because of the addiction that comes with social media, it often distracts them from actually doing a chore or an assignment. This is another example on how social media negatively affects us comes in. I actually believe that because of social media, more often that not students that are addicted to social media will receive lower grades than not being addicted. This meaning that social media causes us to do worse academically.

Although I do agree with their view on how social media impacts society, I also believe that social media impacts society in a good way. One example on how social media impacts us positively would be the fact that we can speak to people that are anywhere on the world. This allows us to learn more about different types of culture and actually influence people while being influenced ourselves. By this, I mean we can actually support each other and accomplish greater things. If you receive criticism, its up to you on how you should view it. You can either use it as constructive criticism, or you can bring yourself down with it which I believe you shouldn’t. But you should still love yourself more and care more about how you see yourself rather than how others see you. So in the end, I believe social media is just a great tool overall. But, it depends on how you decide to use it and how you decide to use the comments and criticism for yourself.


King Tuts Dagger is made from a Meteorite

Today, I stumbled upon a interesting article that talked about King Tuts dagger which stated that it was actually made from a Meteorite!This article was published by Emily Chung, CBC News and was posted in June 1, 2016 at exactly 3:22 PM ET.  The analysis of his dagger was led by Daniela Comelli who is a professor of materials science at the plytechnic University of Milan Italy! Professor Daniela and her group of researched discovered that King Tuts dagger contained around 10 percent nickel and 0.6 cobalt. Oddly enough, these statistics matched with 11 metallic meteorites.

Some background on King Tut and his dagger:

King Tutankhamen actually played a important part in history and was alive around 1332 to 1323 B.C.E as a pharaoh.  His tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 along with his dagger which was found out to have meteor origins. King Tutankhamen was known for reversing the tumultous religious reforms that his father started. His father was Pharaoh Akhenaten and he too played a important part in history.  Although King Tutankhamen’s rein as pharaoh played a very important part in those times, his legacy was sadly largely negated by his successors.

In my opinion of this article, I am really shocked. I would have never guessed that a dagger that looked like it was made of steel was actually made of a meteorite! What made this even more suprising was the fact that this was during the B.C.E times. This article hopefully might lead researchers to examine other historical pharaohs and see if their items have a exotic origin. This proved that some items have a more interesting origin than meets the eye. This also got me wondering if this discovery made other explorers go and try to find tombs! I would really like this to happen as I do want to learn about the past.

The link of this article incase you want to read it with its exact facts is