Could We Have Prevented The Las Vegas Massacre

Four Things To Learn From Las Vegas Massacre

In a recent article by CNN, the controversy of the Las Vegas shooting is discussed. We all have our own opinions on what should be done to better protect the people from these types of events, stricter security, stricter gun laws, or maybe more surveillance. The article by CNN gives four ideas, all which could not be helpful.

An idea they present to us is increasing hotel security. This sounds simple enough right, but there are so many factors impeding from this happening. First off, the environment that this would set for people on vacation is just terrible. How am I supposed to enjoy my “relaxing time” when I see a security guard on every floor armed. Although this could make for a faster emergency response, it also seems a little hostile. Having stricter security is almost like invading someone’s privacy. Also, since there’s a lot of security people will feel like they are vulnerable to something which will make them not want to visit Las Vegas.

Another idea that the article proposed was having glass that met certain requirements, “Enhancing Window Protection” they called it. Basically what they meant by this was upgrading every window that faced the public to a certain thickness so that it was harder to break and be used as a sniper’s perch. First off let’s start off the basics, fixed framed window price. The price for a fixed frame window unit is about $200 for just the supplies and around 350 with the installation.  If we multiply that number by how many windows are facing the public, which is basically every window in LAs Vegas, the cost would be millions and millions of dollars. There is no way that Vegas casinos would spend that much money on just windows.

The third idea they give is giving our law enforcement, and SWAT Teams, special “active shooting training”. Let’s be realistic, there’s probably a 5% chance that the training will actually work. The terrorist study for weeks, months, if not years every possible outcome of their malicious acts. For example the, the Boston Marathon Bombing. “Active shooter training” wouldn’t have an effect on that event since the shooters were camouflaged with the crowd and were able to get away. The active shooter training would have worked in the Las Vegas Shooting since they didn’t even know where the shots were coming from.  

The only idea that maybe be someone what helpful is not demilitarizing the police. This means not taking away the privilege for law enforcement to carry high powered weapons. This could have played a good role in the Hollywood Bank Robbery.  The two gunman that robbed the bank, both dressed in bulletproof clothing from head to toe, were armed with high powered weapons. The police, on the other hand, was only carrying pistols at the time. The bank robbers stood the ground for a good while spraying the police with bullets from every direction until SWAT showed up. Then the robbers didn’t stand a chance. However, the result could’ve been way more different if officers at the time were carrying high powered rifles like they are today.

From November 7 to December 24, 2004, the battle of Fallujah took place. In the war, 82 were killed and over 600 were injured. It’s heartbreaking that one man armed with an arsenal of rifles can replicate the same numbers. There isn’t one thing we can do to prevent this from happening. Sure we can make stricter gun laws, put bulletproof glass on every window, but let’s face it, someone will always find a way to accomplish whatever is on their mind.

North Korea could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean, says foreign minister

North Korea could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean, says foreign minister

President of the United States, Donald Trump, has not even been in office for a year and he’s already getting himself into a lot of sticky situations. From calling people from Mexico “rapist”, to repealing DACA a campaign that helps undocumented people study in the U.S, to now causing tension with North Korea. Threats made by president Trump, have lead North Korea’s minister, Ri Yong Ho, willing to test an extremely powerful nuclear weapon in the Atlantic ocean.

For the uneducated people that haven’t heard about president Trump’s famous “war” with North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un, allow me to explain. Both parties have made previous threats about testing nuclear weapons against each other. There was a time where North Korea demonstrated that their missiles were powerful and capable enough to reach the U.S. However, there was also times where Trump allowed U.S fighter jets to fly very close to North Korea.

Recently, Trump has made some very harsh comments like saying he will “totally destroy” North Korea if he is forced to protect his allies, during his UN speech. President Un said that he would “pay dearly” for his comments and as a result, they might test a hydrogen bomb over the Atlantic. I disagree with both of these men.

For those who don’t know what a hydrogen bomb is, it’s a missile that is capable of being hundreds if not thousands more times powerful than the nuclear weapons the have been previously used. A hydrogen bomb is powered by “fusion”. Fusion is the joining of two things to form one. As you can imagine they are joining two things, deuterium and tritium. When the bomb is detonated it will cause a huge boom.

Personally, I think testing a hydrogen bomb is very uncalled for, just like the comments that president trump made are also uncalled for. Both of them, are letting their egos talk for them and not logically think. They are being blinded from bigger problems. Other problems like, the 8.0 earthquake in Mexico, or recently the hurricanes that were happening. Together, both presidents can have great potential. However, we all know this will never happen. President Trump and president Un, would only join hands in a perfect world.

As of now it is very unlikely to what can happen. North Korea can follow through what they said about firing Hydrogen Bombs, or maybe they just said that to scare off Trump. Other countries can get involved because their allies with the other country and then we have this big war. However it is very unlikely, for now atleast, that Trump and North Korea declare war on each other. Both countries have other problems to worry about.

Another possible outcome is both countries settle down and no missiles are tested. I personally think that is the best option for both countries. Instead of fighting against each other, they should focus on the bigger problems with other countries and help them. Why not help Mexico for example. The can send tons of supplies, food and water, to help the survivors of the devastating earthquake. Although i want this to happen so bad, I know Trump and Un would never join arms.

The threats will be continued to be made against one another. Perhaps the bombs may be tested, and unfortunately they might declare war on eachother. Myself, and I’m sure that everyone else, has thought about if a World War III can happen. This makes me somewhat confident to say that we’re not that far away from it happening. However, I disagree with both of these men and the idea of war. Many innocent people will lose their life over two presidents ego problems for what, so that both presidents are still going to be in the house giving orders because they’re not suffering the consequences of their wor. They are not the ones that will pay the ultimate price for their actions. It’s innocent soldiers that will die and the president will be comfortably at home like nothing ever happened.

Who even let Trump rule in the first place. All he’s done so far is open his mouth to give the U.S a bad reputation. Let’s not  forget about Un, he blinds his citizens about what is going on in the real world. My ultimate solution would be having new presidents but of course that could only happen in a real world. What i propose now is for both presidents to call it quits and forgets about their egos so that they can move on. No innocent life should be lost for something so dumb  as not being able to control an ego.