A Naturally-Occurring Disneyland Attraction

Posted August 27th, 2012 by denisea

Many people are amazed by lights. Obviously, lights would look more amazing if they colored moving water. The attraction, World of Color, at Disneyland has captured just that. With its majestic water choreography, brilliant display of lights, and great music, people from all over the world swarm to see this colorful attraction.

Although World of Color seems spectacular, nothing compares to a natural show found in San Diego, California. Even though the water at Disneyland is colored by lights underneath a shallow pool, imagine the ocean being lit up by millions of nature’s own organisms. We are all familiar of the term red tide, a term that scares most humans for it usually means that it is harmful to us, but this red tide seems to be as benign as it is captivating. These organisms are luminescent phytoplankton named Lingulodinium polyedrum. These organisms cause the ocean in San Diego to acquire a red tint during the day, but provide an amazing light show at night.


Although light-colored water is nothing new to me, I saw this phenomenon as utterly remarkable. With our new technology, we can do almost anything. As humans, we use these tools to manipulate our surroundings, but this light show on the ocean is absolutely done without any human tampering. The human race, engrossed in their modern technology, has forgotten the simple beauty that nature provides. Even though our high-tech gadgets are quite interesting, one would find so many things that occurs in nature that is twice as stunning as the new tablet or smartphone. Waves caused by these bioluminescent phytoplankton are just amazing, for one would only think that this is photoshoppped. This technology has taken us from the beauty of mother nature, and all the fascinating things that occur all around us if we only took the time to look. Outside our smartphones, there is a world that provides us with beautiful scenery, and fascinating life forms we only thought occurred in movies. Have you ever heard of millions of bioluminescent phytoplankton that can light up the ocean ?

I’m not saying that electronic devices should be completely shunned from society. New technology has proved useful in certain situations. We should not view technology as the only world out there. Outside of the bustling and booming cities lie a beautiful world untouched by pollution and industry. Recently, I took a vacation in Maui, Hawaii. I was amazed by all the scenery I found in such a small island. Even though I did use my phone, I was drawn away from the technology and to the amazing things that occur naturally, without having anyone prompt the Earth to do so.

Another reason why we are so drawn to our technology is because that is the only thing the  media shows that is new, fresh, or amazing. No anchorman will ramble on about the amazing bioluminescent phytoplankton for an hour would they ? No. They would talk about all of the features of the new iPhone. If the wonders of the world were more let’s say, “mainstream”, then more people would flock to these spectacles of light. All we need is exposure, for if we don’t know what’s out there, we’ll stick to what we know.



Disneyland World of Color

Glowing Ocean Picture


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