Endangered Species: Tigers

A Bengal tiger cub that is one of the most endangered tiger sub-species


Tigers and the WWF

Tigers are known to be vicious predators of the wild. While some people would agree with that statement, I beg to differ. Not many people know that these magnificent creatures are on the brink of extinction. Out of nine of the original subspecies of tigers, three have become extinct over the last 80 years. Many tigers and their sub-species are being targeted, killed,  and are being poached, or  illegally sold, for their body parts. Their habitats being taken away from and as well as the climate change that is occurring around the world that is effecting them. The average population of these endangered species are around 3,890. That’s correct, 3,890, now in my opinion that’s extremely low and I know I’m not the only one who noticed. The WWF or also known as World Wild Life is an organization that is providing help for these animals. Their goal is to be able to double the population of these tigers and they call this project,”T x 2″. They are willing to make a change and are putting all the hard work they can by making a difference and hoping to save these animals. The WWF is working on protecting and connecting with the tiger habitat, where they are providing landscapes for tigers to thrive, they also work with the government on building a political will for the sake of tigers. I agree with them and their ideas and how to save these animals from extinction and I hope to influence other people to reach out and help the WWF save these animals.

Due to human activities, tigers have lost about 93% of their habitat. Many people think that building new buildings on wildlife territory doesn’t effect animals that live there because they say they can just “move away”.  Their habitat has been destroyed, demolished, and wrecked to make space for human culture. Tigers are known as very independent animals and they need large territory for their survival, it’s just in their nature. With small, cramped chunks of territory, it can lead to a high risk of inbreeding and can also make them bigger targets to poaching. With this information being laid as facts, I can say that people, do in fact, see available land as space to build more political structure and that they might not see an ecosystem of the forest where the tiger plays a huge role. The WWF website states, “the tiger plays a key role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.”

I agree with the WWF when they say, ” the tiger plays a key role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.” The tiger is part of our ecosystem and everyone plays a role, to either produce energy or consume it and as well pass it on. They matter in this world as much as you and me. The WWF has build local capacity that protects the areas of the species and they also monitor tigers and keep track of the progress of tiger population in order to make decisions based on both science and field experience. I want people to know that this is a serious problem and that this has to be heard, these animals need our help, but we can’t do it with out the help of more people. WWF has done so much for these animals already and they still plan to do much more, they have gotten more support and the more support they get, the better it is for the endangered tigers and their sub-species. Studies shows that if more people lend a hand by 2070, the population of tigers would have doubled in amount. If you want to learn more about how you can help these animals out, you can go and check out The WWF and you can find interesting facts about other endangered animals.  We can make a difference, for the greater good.







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