Dogs or Cats?

Endless Debates

There has been countless debates about cats and dogs. “Which ones are better?” ” Which ones are easier to handle and take care of?” All these questions, we all heard them before. Everybody says that dogs are better than cats, but is that necessarily true? Which factors make a dog more special than a cat? Certain people prefer dogs over cats and vice versa while others adore them both equally. I have much more experience with dogs than cats and even I can say that dogs have certain flaws that don’t apply to certain cats. It’s not just that but it also applies to people who want to adopt a pet but don’t really know which one to get. They might ask their friends and family members and the most likely answer they will get is, ” A dog!”. People have different personalities so based on their personality and their life style they might think cats are better than dogs. In my opinion, I feel like both pets have their flaws but I would personally choose a dog over a cat, if I was given a choice to choose either one.

Dogs and cats are known to be very different and there is no argument on that but what exactly makes them different besides one being an energetic huge ball of fur and the other a soft pile of cotton? What facts can help people determine which pet they would want to adopt? Well according to a group called, the Vet Street they are able to give clear information about dogs and the good consequences they have on people as well as comparisons to cats. I recommend to people who love to have fun and explore and love the outdoors to get a dog. Why? Well that’s because  dogs are natural-born marathoners and they can be on their feet for hours compared to cats that mostly sleep all day. Have you ever heard the phrase, “A dog is a man’s best friend”. ? Well it’s technically true, did you know, that having a pet dog can help reduce cardiovascular disease and release stress? I have a dog and whenever I’m having a rough day, I know by the time I come home my dog would be waiting by the door, wagging her tail and putting a smile on my face, making her tail wag even faster. A website called Greatist, has many more reasons on why dogs make a huge impact on a person’s life. Another reason why I think you should get a dog is because believe it or not but dogs make great therapists and are proven to lessen depression and increase the optimistic view that people have. A pet dog can have a healthy effect on young children as well and even encouraging them to do well in school! Dogs also have a superior sense of smell much greater than cats making them very good at identifying smells, making it easier for them to remember people who they meet.

As I said before, I have more experience with dogs than cats and I understand that people are more of a cat person and there is no reason to criticize people for that. People who preferably like staying indoors and wanting a more quiet pet might consider a pet cat. It all just depends on the person. Dogs are important to me because they are they are very loyal and can be the best pet ever. They always seek an adventure and I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever lost my dogs. I have two dogs and  I cherish them very much. It is a fact that dog can make an impact on your life whether it’s a small one or a huge one. Dogs are amazing creatures and I love every type of dog, they all have different features about them, different sizes and shapes but in the end they all are loyal to the end.


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