All Giving Tree’s

This writer has decided as well to explain himself on a childhood poem of mine. Long-story-short “The Giving Tree “ is about a tree giving its all to a little boy and providing the same boy until he’s very old and the tree is no longer a tree but only an old stump.

This young author had rewritten the poem on how he feels when reading it herself. “I am standing in the middle of a landscape of bodies. Live ones. I can tell because they wriggle and writhe and demand to be fed. I said I would feed you if you ever got hungry, but this is getting out of hand.” Because I know this poem is referenced to ‘The Giving Tree’, I can already understand what this poem is about. Mr. Jao is pointing out on how much we take from our nature. We all take nature for granted.

Another piece of Mr. Jao’s poem, I found intriguing was when he stated “.. the funniest part of it all is that when I look down, you have the same hands. You have the nubby fingernails, the same little groove on your thumb.” Here  I can see what he is saying on because we keep taking nature little by little at fast rate our trees lessen while we keep growing and evolving. The trees right. How is it fair that we don’t change but they do in a negative way? Why is our planet being punished for all the good it has done for us?