Government report calls on trump to act on climate change

Government to act on climate change? We tend to analyze scenarios such as the weather change and harm. We never have difficulty finding out the weather, but we have difficulty solving natural causes due to the weather. Recently, we have come across a wild fire in Southern California. This isn’t rare however. We have a variety of wildfires that occur throughout the year. Are president/ government has spend over $350 billion the past decade due The this harsh weather, ( How do we just accept this fact and expect to move on as if this never happened. There has been a controversy on global warming, and wether it’s real or a myth. Our president, doesn’t believe in global warming and claims it to be a myth.

Is this really a fact or an opinion that may affect trump corporations. Returning back to the topic, these climate changes have taken a toll on the average Americans. If we emphasize the electrical usage over the past years, we’ve exceeded an astonishing amount of green house gases into the air. ( as stated, they plan to “repeal” the Obamaera rule on greenhouse gas imission.
How can witness the reasons for the climate change, and the occurance right in front of us. If you live in the area of Los Angeles, California. You can agree that the weather is ridiculous for the fall season. Reaching the height of 103 degrees? Shouldn’t we recall that the weather should be cold and crisp? That may be some physical evidence that us in The Los Angeles area can state. All these factories strengthen the climate change. Our government, industries, etc. that release any non-natural gases into the air.

As portrayed in this picture, that toxin released into the air can be hazardous and will result in Global Warming. Heading a little off topic, the earth has a protective shield. This is known to many people as the atmosphere. What these green house gases do is pierce and shock the atmosphere. Resulting into dents that will leak the suns array. Therefore, spiking the temperature and resulting into the conflict we discuss. Our president may be stepping into action, but we have to see rather than speak. Will this idea be executed? We presume it will because at this pace we destroy our only gift(earth). Heading back on topic, the industrial revolution lead us to what we have become now. Now we can just direct and strategize a better future with our intellect. Our current Government/president hopefully strike with intellect against climate change.

California Fires


Would you be shocked to hear various dogs of the night. After an interview, Ernie Chapman, a victim witnessed this at a shocking approach. In the middle of the night, reporters state that he nearly had a heart attack from all the fatigue going on. Witnessing a variety of local dogs barking, and the scent of smoke wasn’t pleasant. He stormed out the house, along with his family, before becoming consumed with raging flames. This not only emotionally shocks the reader, but the writers as well. Wildfires may be a extraordinary topic to discuss. May lead discussions on how to prevent them, or how they start. This particular fire by Anaheim has vague details on how they started, but extended ideas to end it.

Preventing this as soon as possible is a noble; hazardous idea for our local fire fighter. Risking their life in order to save others is courageous. Varying on their past work, we are in good hands. Drifting away from the topic, imagine what emotions may scavenge through the victims mind. The possibility of not recovering personal items. This truly shatters a heart, especially when watching it burn with your own eyes. Hoping the fire dies, what may happen with the family’s in the meantime? Witnessing enormous flames engulf your house, or facially lashed with ember is a horrific state. Through out the fire, there will definitely be updates on preventing the fire. Furthermore, information will be distributed; so stay tune.