Sep 25

I have been noticing that many of my peers seem ignorant of what is happening on a global standpoint. They seem to not be following the news on what is occurring with other countries and U.S. foreign relations. Well, I will enlighten those people on one issue we are having. As most people should know, North Korea and South Korea have always been tense with each other. Ever since the Korean War to today, they seem to have been engaging in incognito quarrels even at the military level across each other’s borders, with the North being the aggressors. This article is about the South Korean government warning the U.S. about a possible North Korean nuclear test. There are a few things I am not liking about this.

The first is: South Korea really needs to stop overreacting. Every single move that North Korea does, the South goes ballistic. A North Korean soldier throws a paper airplane, the South will call Obama directly on his cell phone. For God’s sake, calm down South Korea. You know too well that the North is only doing this to get under your skin and try to scare you. When you call the White House, it shows that your panties are in a bunch, clearly showing the North that their fear mongering tactics are effective. The sad thing is that the South has the military advantage over the North, technologically and strategically. Even if the North strikes, the U.S. will send heavy military aid. Nobody wants war but the South needs to be able to independently deal with their own problems for a change. It has been like this since the 1950’s.

Another thing I am not liking is the method that the Obama administration is using to deal with this problem. Over and over again, Obama continuously sends North Korea threats that it will be far more isolated than it already is. Recently, Obama is threatening them by saying that we will not send food to them. North Korea is a joke. All they have been doing for 50 years is threaten their Southern counterparts with missile testing. What I think is right is the three strikes you’re out method. At this point I think the U.S. should have moved up its troops stationed in South Korea near the North/South Border, also known as the 38th parallel. You fight fear with fear. If they launch missiles to scare us, we mobilize our troops and the troops of South Korea to scare them. This may seem aggressive but it is a good way to deal with villains that are all talk and no action.

The reason I look into these topics and am so concerned is because this can directly affect me in the future. I plan on joining the United States Marine Corps as an officer. The Marines have a reputation of  taking the brunt of many attacks and are extensively used for amphibious warfare. The Marines have also shown their valor in countless engagements both land based and amphibious in Korean War and history has a tendency of repeating itself. But it is not whether I will be taking part in dangerous assaults that worries me. It is the way the government and media will portray the conflict that worries me. Few people today know the justification of our current war on terror. Most of the public believes it is a waste of time and that our troops are being ordered to kill innocent civilians. The same happened with Vietnam and it should never happen again.  Before war, the people should know the full reasons for waging the war.


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