Improving Conversation Skills

Improving Conversation Skills

One of the best ways to communicate with people and get to know others more is by starting a conversation with one. In the article by: Eduard Ezeanu mentions/talks about the ways to improve your conversation skills. Eduard Ezeanu’s post was published April 1, 2011. He gives short responses on all the ways he tells us that’ll improve our conversation skills.

One of the ways to improve is by talking slowly. Like many people that are experts at having proper conversations they don’t rush into a conversation. Eduard Ezeanu says that “They take their time when they reflect on something and when they say it out loud.”(Ezeanu, 2011) Of course when you’re having a conversation with someone you have to have the time, most people believe they have all the time in the world and so they use that time and that’s what makes them experts at having conversations. He uses the words centered and collected because they believe that they have all the time in the world.

Another way to improve your conversations is by holding eye contact. If there’s one thing i know about conversations it’s that if you have eye contact it lets the other person know that your listening and interested. Eduard says that “Most people keep eye contact about 2/3 of the time or less when they talk.” It’s true most people that know have good eye contact when having a conversation. It also boost up your confidence because you’re ok with having a conversation and looking them in the eye.

Noticing details throughout a conversation is another way to improve. People with skills are the ones that notice things the average person doesn’t. Those little details bring interest into the conversation. Things like what they are wearing, jewelry, their accent, etc.. are the details many skilled people bring up. Eduard states that “Thus, such individuals impress people in a very elegant manner.” The partner may find interesting how the other partner is looking at all those details, thus lets them know they are interested and is paying attention. This also goes back to what we talked about in the previous paragraph which is eye contact.

Giving unique compliments and expressing your emotions is also another way to improve. When you give compliments to another is a way to get  your conversational partners appreciation. As well asa when your giving facts and what not, you dont just want to give them boring old facts but such more as emotionally expressing how you feel about the facts. Eduard says that “Charismatic people on the other hand are able to really pay attention to others, to look beyond the facade and thus, pay unique compliments.”By doing such things like that you may even help them find out things they may not have known about themselves. By expressing your feelings you’re also opening up the conversation more and both will feel comfortable in talking about emotions it makes the conversation more unique than others because others aren’t used to expressing themselves.

Using the best word is another skill that you can improve on. If you just slap random words that you think sounds right doesn’t make you an expert at conversations. Eduard says that, “The ability to talk smoothly has a lot to do with choosing the precise words to convey your precise feelings or thoughts.” He encourages many to practice using and talking with precise words to convey certain precise feelings and thoughts. It also helps you develop more words that can help you express yourself more easily.

As you can see in one way or another all these ways connect to one another so it’s not hard to get skilled at having the best conversations. Now i’m not saying these are all the ways/only ways to get skilled at conversations. There are many other ways that were not covered to help you get skilled at having conversations.